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Week of Science and Creativity - 2014

Metting with Ballast


Youth are not our future,
They are our presence, who will build our future!

        It is particularly important to consider that today's students are a totally unique human resource. And here, in terms of high school, we must be able to set the right direction for their further development.

We should not forget that today's young people, who got higher education, will form the basis of the political, economic and scientific elite of our society in the foreseeable future. So their personal and social values, ideological core, level of civic responsibility, predetermine the successful development of our Kazakhstani society. Training and education of students are one of the most important priorities of the educational policy of our state. Considering students as an important social group in the structure of society, which in the future will determine political and socio-economic development of the country, the government has pursued a consistent and purposeful work on social support of students, improving educational process, and providing equal opportunities for young people to get higher education. In work with students the state distinguishes a special role of student organizations and formations, as they are called to actively participate in the formation and development of civil society in Kazakhstan, to create optimal conditions for the revitalization of socially significant activities of students, to develop student government.


Leader of the XXI Century

April 10, 2014, within the framework of the Week of Science the “Leader of the XXI Century” intellectual game was held. First-year students participated in the game. 33 participated in the qualifying round, 12 students were selected.

After the first tour, i.e. online test, 9 students were selected for further participation in the second tour – “Poliglot”. This tour included guessing of economic terms by their deffinitions and translate them into Russian and English. 7 students were elected to participate in the “Zhorga” hird tour. In the third tour students were offered four categories: Economy, Money, World Currency, Outstanding economists. Each category included five questions for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 points. 5 students were addmited to the fourth tour – “Baiga”. During the tour, students had to answer as many questions, as they could whithin a minute. 3 Students were addmited to the final tour – “Zhekpe-zhek”. During the tour, students wereasked only one comprehensive question for 50 points. The winner of the contest is Talgat Auezov, student of the Public Administration major, the second is Zhuldyz Omirzakova, student of the Financies major, the third is Lyazzat Chesheva student of the Public Administration major.

All the participents were awarded with letters of honour, winners were awarded diplomas and souvenirs.


Best Student on Major

In the modern world science is entering the new phase of development, students` research work is a compulsory part of highly qualified specialists training, knowledge of latest scientific achievements, ability to implement results of cultural and scientific progress in their work.

Within the Week of Science, Business Department held the “Best Student on Major” competition among third- and fourth- year students. 14 students participated in this content. 
Independent expert board evaluated the students:

  1. I. Bordiyanu, head of Business Department, PhD.
  2. A. Berdibekov, senior teacher, Master of Mathematics.
  3. D. Mamyrbekov, senior teacher, Master of Economics.
  4. V. Nepshina,  senior teacher, Master of Economics.
  5. E. Zagaynov, teacher.

The content aimed to shape professional mobility and responsibility, necessary for their successful professional adaptation to production, social and economic conditions, evaluation of the level of students` professional competence, revealing of gifted students, improvement of quality of training. The first tour among third- and fourth- year students of the “Economics”, “Finances”, “Public Administration”, “Tourism”, “Management”, “Information System” was organized after winter exams. The tour included test on main subjects of the major.  

April 12, 2014 the second tour – “Quiz” was held. Participants answered questions from subjects studied, and questions on logic.

12.04.2014 года прошел второй тур конкурса «Викторина». Суть конкурса заключалась в следующем, ведущие задавали студентам устные вопросы в области изучаемых дисциплин и вопросы на логику, и участники должны были дать на них ответы. Following two competitions the jury made the fallowing decision:

  1. «Financier of the Year» – Aiym Turysbekova, fourth-year student (Kazakh language of study); Ruslan Tokashev, third-year student (Russian language of study).
  2. «Economist of the Year» – Sayat Ensebayev, third-year student (Kazakh language of study); Takhmin Tueibaieva,  third-year student  (Russian language of study).
  3. «Manager of the Year» – Tatyana Kirilenko, third-year student  (Russian language of study).
  4. «Governor of the Year» – Aigerym Oralbekkyzy, fourth-year student (Kazakh language of study); Anar Sadvakasova, third-year student (Russian language of study).
  5. «Tourist of the Year» – Marina Kodentseva, third-year student (Russian language of study).
  6. «Programmer of the Year» -  Shyray Aitmukhambetova, Gulim Turysbekova, fourth-year student (Kazakh language of study); Dmitriy Fadeev, Marina Egorova, fourth-year student, (Russian language of study), Ayzhan Adylbek, third-year student (Kazakh language of study); Aray Toilybaieva  third-year student (Russian language of study).

Responsible for students research work 
on Business Department 
D. Mamyrbekova

2050 Strategy

April 8, 2014, within the Week of Science the “2050 Strategy” intellectual game was held. Participants were divided into three teams, six students in each team. Game included four tours: “Winn 100 points”, where each team was asked 8 questions (similar to the “40 million” game),

“Economic meaning of fairy tale”, where each team had a choice of three fairy tales, and asked to write the end and connect it with the “2050 Strategy”, “Home Task”, where each team had to prepare three questions, connected with the theme of the game.  Students prepared unusual questions in form of pictures, painted by children under 5 years, and video questions of passerby from Ust-Kamenogorsk. During the tour teams ha to solve 20 test questions during 10 minutes.

Results of the contests:


  • 1 place – the “Alliance” team
  • 2 place – the “Economist” team
  • 3 place – the “Exchange” team


Teams capitances won the fallowing titles:


  • Nursultan Amrenov – Strong capitan
  • Samat Seytkhan - Repartee capitan
  • Araiym Bolshymanova – Quick capitan


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