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Week of Science and Creativity - 2016


Science is the best way
to cultivate a heroic human spirit.



The Week of Science and Creativity of Business Department was held from 23 to 27 February, 2016.
Its goal was the exchange of experience concerning the use of forms and methods of activities for the development of students’ cognitive and creative potential, communication skills, self-control and self-assessment skills.

As part of the Week of Science and Creativity the Business Department held a contest Best in profession on 22-24 February among students majoring in 5V050900 Finance, 5V050700 Management, 5V051000 State and Municipal Management, 3-4 courses. 17 students participated in this event. The competition consisted of 2 rounds. As a result of the elimination round, which criterion was GPA score, 10 students with Russian working language and 9 students with Kazakh working language majoring in 5В050900 Finance, 4 students from Kazakh Department majoring in 5В051000 State and Municipal Management, 6 students from Russian Department majoring in 5В050700  Management were invited.

The first round consisted of 30 theoretical test questions on the basic subjects of each specialty. According to the test results, students which correctly fulfilled 50% of proposed assignment have gone into the 2nd round. 9 students majoring Finance 5В050900, 4 students majoring State and Municipal Management  5В051000 and 4 students majoring Management 5В050700 participated in the 2nd round. The second round consisted of practical tasks for each subject separately, which the students had to solve and draw conclusions.

Following two rounds were selected the best students:

1) "Financier of the Year" - Prygova Cristina, 3 course, Russian working language

2) "Manager of the Year" - Kenzhetaev Kanat, 4 course, American Programm

3) "Senior Manager of the Year" - Erembekova Danagul 3 course, Kazakh working language

Among students of Information Systems 5V070300 specialty was held a competition Best in Information Systems specialty in the form of Programming Contest.

The participants of intramural Programming Contest were students of 1-3 courses majoring in Information Systems 5V070300 (Kazakh and American programs), with Russian and Kazakh working languages, students of 3 courses of KAFU college and EFC.

College students were selected by the college teachers’ expert recommendations of Information Systems specialty.

Olympiad was held in two rounds:

In first (elimination) round 14 students of Russian Department, 21 students of the Kazakh Department participated

As a result of the Olympiad won a college student majoring in Economy and Finance, Trotsenko Eugene; the second place was awarded to college students majoring in Economics and Finance, Dmitry Sirotin; the third place was taken by a college student majoring in Economics and Finance college, Andrey Morozov.




The Regional Olympiad in economics for 9-11 form students was held on February 23, 2016

The olympiad was held in two rounds: the intramural and extramural. Its working languages were Kazakh and Russian.

5 teams have taken part in the Olympiad:

1.      Gymnasium school # 2;

2.      Multidisciplinary gymnasium school # 3;

      3.Specialized lyceum school for gifted children # 34;

      4.Gymnasium school # 43 named after Kumash Nurgaliyev;

      5.Profession-oriented school # 45;

After two stages the jury has determined the best teams which received diplomas and certificates for discount fees at Kafu.

1 place: Gymnasium school # 2 (discount for education 15%)

2 place: Specialized lyceum school for gifted children # 34 (discount for education 10%)

3 place: Gymnasium school # 43 named after Kumash Nurgaliyev (discount for education 5%)

The teams also have been marked in the following nominations:

The best video presentation of the team– Gymnasium school # 2;

The best test results on the economy – Dusipova Dina, Multidisciplinary gymnasium school # 3

The best solutions of economic problem - Gymnasium school # 43 named after Kumash

The best musical act - Specialized lyceum school for gifted children # 34

Directors and managers of participating teams were presented with letters of thanks and souvenirs.
The participants were pleased with the results. They gained invaluable experience, demonstrated their knowledge and skills in the field of economy.



On 24.02.2016 M.V. Stepanova, senior lector, Tourism Department, conducted tourist quest Around the World in 100 Minutes. Students of 1 and 3 courses majoring in Tourism were invited for participation. The participants were divided into two teams, they were offered 11 competitions. The winner of the quest has become Best Tourist team.


On 25 February the participants of Week of Science and Creativity were offered the intellectual game What? Where? When? organized by senior lecturers – O.G. Bogorodskaya and U. V. Trofimova.

The game took three teams participated:

- students majoring in Finance 5В050900, 3 course  (Kazakhstan Program);

- picked team of 3 and 4 courses students majoring in Management and Finance  (American Program);

- picked team of 2 course students of economic specialties (Kazakhstan Program).

According to the results of the game the winner has become the team of Finance specialty, 3 course, it was awarded a diploma of the first degree. The team of economic specialties, 2 course, took second place and was awarded a diploma of the second degree. The team of 3 or 4 courses of Management and Finance specialties (American Program) showed a high intellectual level, but because of too risky bets during the auction took third place and was awarded a diploma of the third degree.

The game has caused great interest among the students, as provided an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, the ability to improvisation and prudent risk, the ability to quickly make decisions and take responsibility.



On 25 February was held a business game - a discussion on the topic Development of Small and Medium Enterprises among the students of 1-3 courses of the Kazakh Department, responsible for the event were teachers of the Business Department – D.S. Mamyrbekova and A.S. Ashimova. The event consisted of seven rounds, 3 teams (each team consisted of 6 members) participated. The first place went to team «Бірлік», the second to "Ekonomister" team and the third to «Болашақ». The team captains were marked by nominations (Toganbaev Kuralai, Nursaparova Nazerke, Erlibekov Zhupar).

On 25 February took place an intellectual game Jeopardy. The game was attended by KAFU University students of 1 course majoring in  5V070300 Information Systems, KAFU college students of 3 course and 3rd year students of College of Economy and Finance. Summing up, the judges praised the high level of students' knowledge, logic and wit, the activity, the ability to work in a team. With a small gap in points won the Virtual World team composed of  Erniezov Nursultan, Olenberg Ewald, Kim Vadim, Shivtsov Artem, Kachesov Alexander. The Intel team took the second place and was awarded a diploma of the 2nd degree. The IT Group team took the third place. All the players were awarded certificates for their active participation. Intellectual game Jeopardy, according to participants’ estimate, was full of useful theoretical and practical information and held at a high professional level.

On February 27  kiberturnir «CS 1.6» was held. The game was attended by students majoring in Information Systems, Tourism and Finance, 1,2,3 courses. Its goal was the promotion of e-sports in Kazakhstan and creation of conditions for KAFU students communication who are fond of playing computer games. The game was attended by 40 students. Once registered, participants took a toss and were given kiberturnir «CS 1.6» diagram. As a result of kiberturnir in a bitter struggle the winner of the competition was the team of students majoring in Information Systems.

Considering the students as an important social group in the society structure, which in the future will determine the political and social-economic development of the country, the Department constantly hold a consistent and purposeful work on social support of students, improving the educational process, and the Week of Science and Creativity, is the main point when students and teachers come together for events of this nature.

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