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Week of Science and Creativity - 2019


“When science reaches a peak, it opens up a vast prospect of a further journey to new peaks, new roads are opened, on which science will go further”

S.I. Vavilov

Perhaps, no one will argue that science is not only the engine of progress but also one of the most beautiful and useful for humankind types of creativity. Every scientific research is a process of creation; every scientist is a creator rethinking and changing reality in his own way. As all creative people scientists know what the inspiration is and how hard can it be to find it and keep. But if they find it, they gladly share their wisdom with everyone who’s interested and it makes them really happy.

In order to develop the intellectual creativity of students and attract them to research activities at KAFU was held the annual week of the “Business” department. In the period from February 18 to February 22 of the 2019 intellectual games, guest lectures, seminars, round tables, Olympic competitions, competitions devoted to scientific and creative issues united by the theme of “Week of Students Research and Art of the Business Department”. The events were organized on the basis of the “School of Business, Law and Education” and corresponded to their educational direction, but at the same time they were open to the participation of representatives of other educational institutions.

On the 18 of February the first event of the week was held – the competition “The Best in the Specialty” The moderator of this event is V.N. Nepshina, Dr. PhD associate professor at the Department of “Business”. Students of specialties “Management”, “State and Local Government”, and “Finance” of the Russian department having a final GPA for the last semester of at least 3,5 were invited to participate in the competition. As a result of the qualifying round the criterion of which was the GPA score 2 students of the specialty “Finance”, 6 students of the specialty “State and Local Government”, and 4 students of the specialty “Management” became participants of the competition.

The first round of the competition included 30 theoretical test questions on the main specialized disciplines of each specialty:

- for financiers - disciplines “Finance”, “Corporative Finance”, “Enterprise Economics”, “Financial Analysis”, and “Money, Credit, Banks”;

- for managers: “Theory and Practice of Management”, “Human Resource Management”, and “Production Management”;

- for students of specialty “State and Local Government”: “Theory of Public Administration”, and “State Regulation of Economy”.

According to the test results students who answered 50% of the proposed questions correctly went into the 2nd round. The results of the test are presented in the table 1.

Table 1

Test results of the 1st round of the competition “Best in the Specialty”

5B050900 “Finance”

Igor Biryuchenko

20 points

Radzhan Kadyrbekov

22 points

5В050700 “Management”

Madiyar Amanbekov

15 points

Kirill Yarich

18 points

5В051000 “State and Local Government”

Aleksandra Dobrynina

18 points

Alina Mozulyako

18 points

Yerkezhan Mautkanova

15 points

Yekaterina Klyuchnikova

15 points

The second round was attended by 2 students of the specialty “Finance”, 4 students of the specialty “State and Local Government”, and 2 students of the specialty “Management”. The second round included practical tasks for each specialty separately which students had to solve and draw conclusions. At the end of the second round the best students were selected: Igor Biryuchenko in “Finance”, Kirill Yarich in “Management”, Aleksandra Dobrynina in “State of Local Government”. All finalists were awarded with memorable prizes and certificates.


At the 19th of February 2019 the game “Where’s the Logic?” was held. Trofimova Y.V., Senior Lecturer of the Department was responsible for the event. Students were divided into 2 teams – male and female. The game consisted of 4 rounds with ten questions each. Tasks appeared on the screen, the teams sat at the tables and pressed buttons to answer the question. In case of difficulty it was possible to say: “Host, please help!”

The first round was called “What’s the Common?”. The whole difficulty was that for a wide variety of items on the screen was found one word that unites them.  For example, types of different shoes, sandals for children and adults, shoes and boots combine one word - shoes. Other tasks were built by this principle.

The second round was called “Cinema Quiz”, where it was necessary to guess the event depicted on the screen, the name of the cartoon, or to solve the rebus. There was something to think about, but it was needed to find the exact answer quickly otherwise the opponent will overtake and earn the desired points.

The third round was called “The formula of Everything”, two pictures with an addition sign appear on the screen. The team must understand the ideas of the two pictures and give the associative result of their addition. The point is given to the team that gave more correct answers in this round. Classmates in the audience didn’t remain indifferent and also tried to find the right answers, so far, an hour by a definition of the well-known detective Hercule Poirot the “gray matter” worked hard for everyone.

At the end of four rounds the boys’ team won with a big advantage of 7 points.

 On the 19th of February the teacher of the “Business” department Aigerim Oralbekkyzy conducted the intellectual game “ZERDE” for 3rd year students of specialties “Finance” and “State and Local Government” with the state language of instruction.

  The game took place in two rounds. 9 students attended. They went to play alternately. The order was determined by lot. In the first round each player must answer in 1,5 minute on the maximum number of questions on the topic that he chose before the game: Casio, Islam, manicure, capitals, Singapore, Xhan-Yin – businesswoman from China, Apple, Samsung, KAFU.

In the second round each player had to answer questions from the field of general knowledge (in 1,5 minutes): inventors, kazakh fiction, economists, kazakh history, social geography, national currency, sport.

According to the results of the game the winner became Assel Kazibek, a 3-year student of the specialty “State and Local Government”.

On the 20th of February the Department of “Business” of the Kazakh-American Free University held the 2nd regional programming contest “Coding Skills” for students of the TPE (Technical and Professional Education) organizations of the East Kazakhstan region.

The purpose of this event is to attract public attention to intellectual competitions among students of TPE organizations, to popularize intellectual leadership and team spirit, to increase the professional level of talented youth, development of the information technology of the East Kazakhstan region as well as testing practical skills in programming, and the development of a creative approach to solving problems.

The following colleges participated in the competition:

1. College of Economics and Finance in Ust-Kamenogorsk city.

2. KAFU College.

3. Eastern Technical and Humanitarian College.

4. KGKP “College of Radio Engineering and Communication”, Semey city.

5. Higher IT College EKSTU named after D. Serikbayev.

6. Polytechnic College of Ust-Kamenogorsk city.

Students were offered a solution to 5 problems of programming of varying complexity. One task was from the category of light complexity (1 points), two tasks from the category of medium complexity (2 points), one task from the category of increased complexity (4 points), and one task from the category of complicated complexity (5 points). To solve these problems students were given exactly 3 hours. The programming was not limited; the students themselves chose which programming language they could use. Internet use was prohibited.

Work on solving problems in the field of programming was evaluated by a competent jury: Galina Vladimirovna Popova – PhD, associate professor of the department “Informational Technology” EKSTU by the name of D. Serikbayev; Dmitry Demin – software-engineer of Web development department of LLP “1С-Rating”; Azamat Berdibekov – Master of Mathematics, Senior Lecturer of the “Business” department; Ruslan Chettykbayev – Master of Engineering and Technology, Doctoral Student of the Specialty «Informational technology» EKSTU by the name of D.Serikbayev; Didar Muratuly – Master of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer of the «Business» Department.

According to the results of the II regional Olympiad on programming “Coding Skills” among the students of TPE organizations of the East Kazakhstan region a diploma of the first degree and a certificate for training in the specialties of the “Business” department with a discount of 30% awarded to Mikhail Syursin, the student of Ust-Kamenogorsk Polytechnic College.

A diploma of the second degree and a certificate for training in the specialties of the “Business” department with a discount of 20% were awarded to Sergey Shuplyak, the student of Ust-Kamenogorsk Polytechnic College. 

A diploma of the third degree and a certificate for training in the specialties of the “Business” department with a discount of 10% was awarded to Yevgeniya Tkachmanova, the student of the College of economics and finance.

All participants of the 1st «Coding Skills» Regional Programming Olympiad were awarded certificates for participation and letters to thank the managers.

On the 20th of February the annual competition “The best of the IP specialty” started in the format of the Programming Olympiad among students of the specialty  “Informational Technology”. The competition was attended by 16 students who had to solve 5 problems in a programming language.

       According to the results of the scores awarded by the jury members prizes were awarded to following participants:


Name of the participant



Yevgeny Trotsenko



Artyom Shivtsov



Danil Bragin


On the 21st of February by Nepshina V.N, the associate professor of the “Business” department, the game “Economic Alias” was held for students of specialties “Finance”, “Management”, and “Accounting and Auditing”.

Аlias (Allias, Elias, other variants) — a board game in which the players’ goal is to explain the hidden word to the teammates (in some cases either to the players of the opposite team), without using gestures and pronouncing the hidden word and words with the same root.

Players are divided into groups of two. Each team in one minute should explain as many words and phrases on an economic topic as possible. Words and expressions are written on the cards.

18 people attended in the game in total, 9 teams were formed. According to the results of the game the team consisting of students of the specialty “Finance” students Biryuchenko I., Kadyrbekov R. won the first place having typed the greatest number of cards with explained and guessed words.

Thus, the game is considered successful. It helped students recall definitions and terms of various categories of complexity and different disciplines. In general, the game combines the spirit of rivalry and funny situations, also develops the skills of quick thinking and reaction.

On the 21st of February the game «Economic Leader» was held by Aigerim Oralbekkyzy, the teacher of the «Business» department. The game was  attended by 2nd-year students of specialties “Management”, “Accounting and Auditing”, “Finance”, “State and Local Government”. The game was held in the framework of the discipline “State Regulation of Economy” and was closely assosiated with it. The game consisted of seveal rounds. In the first round students temporarily devided the mono and small cities of Kazakhstan into groups. In the second round students were composing letters of words related to financial and gorvernment terms. In the third round the participants solved economic puzzles. The game consisted of group and individual tasks and therefore did not imply identifying the winner.

On the 22nd of February the event “Yzdik Maman 2018-2019” was held for 3 and 4-year students of the specialties “Finance” and “State and Local Government” with the state language of instruction, by Mamyrbekova D.S. and Ashimova A.S., senior teachers of the department.

A preliminary selection of participants was carried out on the basis of submitted resumes where full data on the student’s scientific and creative activities was given as well as having a final GPA of at least 3,5 last semester. As a result of the qualifying round 5 students of the specialty “Finance”, 4 students of the specialty “State and Local Government” were invited. This year the competition was slightly different from previous years, as the requirements and stages of the competition were changed. In the first half of the day testing was conducted on the three specialty disciplines being studied the results of which indicated that the participants were well and highly trained. Stage 2 was a decision and a financial model. Different enterprises with different tasks of calculations were issued for all participants, where attentiveness of the participants, their correct decision as well as a competent conclusion on the proposed example on the enterprise was required. Stage 3 was the development of its own businessplan for the development of rural areas and villages with calculations and conclusions where the participants showed creativity and ingenuity. It is worth pointing out that the projects were not only interesting but very suitable for the conditions of the countryside both in animal husbandry, plant growing and other areas.

According to the results of the competition the following results were announced: “The best in the Finance specialty” - the nomination “Yuzdik Qarzhyger” (“Best Financier”) - Ayaulym Yermekova, “The best in the State and Local Government specialty” - the nomination “Yuzdik Basqarushy” (“Best Administrator”) - Assel Kazibek.

On the 22nd of February students of the specialty “Tourism” and “Management” took part in the interactive creative game “Island of Travel” organized by the senior teacher Zagainov E.O. Group creative work allowed to combine the theoretical knowledge of students. The game included assignments for the formation of a complex of destinations, tourist and recreational facilities and a cluster of tourist infrastructure in a single area.

The creative game was held with the aim of consolidating theoretical knowledge in practice, promoting respect for the environment in the design of tourist destinations increasing the level of tourist and recreational training as well as the exchange of knowledge.

The result of the work was a brief mock-up of a tourist attractor that can satisfy the needs of various travelers.

All participating students showed preparedness and cohesion. The general interest and pleasant team spirit allowed to cope with the tasks in a short time and at a high level.


Also, on the 22nd of February students of the specialties “Finance”,  “Management”, “Accounting and Auditing”, and “State and Local Government” took part in an interactive creative game “Marketing Marathon”, the event was organized by Urazova N.P., the Senior Teacher of the Department

The game is based on a method outside contextual operations with concepts. The main idea is that the student works with “pure” concepts deprived of any textual frame, compares them, classifies, subordinates, and finally explains. This method develops a culture of terminological thinking and hence the culture of speech. It allows to compactly show the entire studied subject. With its help the student learns to think and speak logically, coherently, strictly, and correctly. The method also contributes to the formation of creative thinking since the search for connections between concepts sometimes requires going beyond established stereotypes.

Students were divided into 2 teams each of which had to complete 4 tasks.

1. Classification “Guess the Term”;

2. Construction of a Terminological Model;

3. Work with a Terminology Grid;

4. Crossword Puzzles.

All participating students showed preparedness and cohesion. The general interest and pleasant team spirit allowed to cope with the tasks in a short time and at a high level.

At the end of the week on the 22nd of February a guest lecture was held for students with the state language of instruction on the subject of “Issues of entrepreneurial development in youth environment”, by Talgat Kassenov, speaker business coach of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the East Kazakhstan region.

Teachers and students of the departments of KAFU and colleges took an active part in holding the “Week of Student Research and Art 2019”and the events attracted the interest of all KAFU students. A well-organized and interesting week helped to enrich students’ knowledge, to show their independence, to promote the development of individual qualities, and the disclosure of their talents. At the week a special atmosphere was created permeated with the spirit of creation, creativity, desire to share their own discoveries with others; this is a display of unusual, extraordinary, and interesting. All this is due to the coordinated work of the teachers of the «Business» department and their pedagogical skills.

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