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Week of Science and Creativity 2019

The week of Science and Art is the integral part of the education process at the University since it gives students the opportunity to develop creatively and academically outside the classroom.

And so the Department of Foreign Languages took the Week of Science and Art according to the plan of extracurricular activities in March 25-29, 2019 2019 which teachers and students took part in.

The week was full of different events such as the Olympiad, Research paper and creative activities.

At the first day was the entering of the week and the announcement of the activities for this week to the students of all language courses («Translation Business», «Foreign Languages: two foreign languages»).

In first two days was the defense of term papers by the second-and third-year students from specialties 5В020700 «Translation Studies» and 5В011900 «Foreign Languages: Two Foreign Languages».

In March 27, 2019, the Olympiad took place for students of the «Translation Studies», «Foreign Languages: Two Foreign Languages» specialties. The first tour had the lexical-grammatical test. Lexical and grammatical tests are a very convenient and economic form of control.  While checking students’ vocabulary and grammar, the teacher controls the formation of lexical and grammar skills in order to diagnose the current level of knowledge. Testing material was compiled according to the level of students. Tests are a very effective tool that stimulates students to train and increases motivation for the subject being studied. Responsible for conducting the first round of the Olympiad were Valentina Gersonskaya, Inna Samoilova-Tsyplakova, Yuliya Engel.

Also on the third day the second round of the competition-Olympiad «The Best of the Specialty» conducted. For participation in the second round the participants who scored the highest points on the test in the first round of the Olympiad were selected.

Students of the specialty «Translation Studies» were translating from Russian to English and from English to Russian in oral and written from. Criteria for evaluating the translation: the degree of semantic proximity of the translation to the original, the conformity of the genre and stylistic affiliation of the translation to the original, terminological correctness, etc.

Responsible for conducting the second round of the Olympiad were senior lecturers Valentina Gersonskaya and Alma Kyzykeyeva.

         On the fourth day of the week the defense of reports by undergraduates of 1 and 2 courses took place. 

         On the fifth day presentations of second foreign languages took place. Students of 2nd and 3rd courses studying Turkish, German and Spanish languages showed scenes, sang songs and danced. In this way students of the 1st course could better understand which language to choose for the next year.

Responsible for presentation of second foreign languages were Alena Zagorodneva, Aliya Bakytbek, Kymbat Adylgazina, Yuliya Engel and Zhannur Kamzina.

The results of the Week of Science and Art may be considered as successful.

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