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Science and arts week - 2016

Week of February 15 - 19 was called the Week of Science and Arts of Pedagogy and Psychology Department in Kazakh American Free University. Every day of the week was filled with various activities. Students of the Pedagogy and Psychology Department proved that they are not only smart, talented and gifted, but the most creative and athletic students as well.


February, 15

"Best Student Research Project" contest among students majoring Physical Culture and Sport. 9 research projects were presented. Projects covered topical problems of theory and methodology of the chosen sport, hockey injury problems and their solutions, age characteristics of young boxers training, development of special power qualities in discus throw, development of special physical qualities in arm-wrestling. At the end of the contest winners were announced:

1st place - Roman Kondratenko with the project "Design and Construction of Tennis Center";

2nd place - Nikolai Klimenko with the project "Construction of Track and Field Stadium in the City of Ust-Kamenogorsk";

3rd place - Anton Butin with the project "Establishment of Football Base in East Kazakhstan Region."


February 16

Intellectual game "Zhuzden zhuirіk" among students majoring Kazakh Language and Literature, 10 students of 1, 2 and 3 year took part in the competition. Results of the contest:

1st place - Alzhaparov Nurzhan;

2nd place - Tarybaeva Nazerke;

3rd place - Kasymkhanova Nazerke.

The contest of student essays in Russian among the students with Kazakh as language of instruction. Results of the competition:

1st place - Serіkuly Miras, Zhomartova Aigerіm;

2nd place - Zhanbyrbay Dana, Abayev Rasul;

3rd place - Yesengeldina Aidana, Merzhakypova Zarina.

“Psychologist of the Year 2016” for students majoring Psychology. The competition consisted of 6 rounds: "Introduction", "Modern Topical Problems", "Situation Problem Solving," "Magical Box", "Home Task", "Think: Logic Tasks". According to the results of the contest, 2nd year student Zarina Ezhembaeva won, getting 116 points. She took the title of “Psychologist of the Year - 2016".

"Teacher of the Year - 2016" contest for students majoring Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary School Education. The competition consisted of three rounds: "Scrabble", "Logic" and "Zigzags of Teacher Communication." According to the results 2nd year student Elena Bondar became the Teacher of the Year - 2016.

Sports interactive game "Kіm zhuirіk?" among students majoring Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary School Education. 4 teams: "Dostyk", "Alғyr», «The best», «Bolashak», took part in the game.  1st place went to "Dostyk” team:  Sotsialova Bekzat, Tolegetaeva Nasir, Kumalkanova Aiymgul, Ashuova Kuralay, Rymbekkyzy Mira, Yesentaeva Almira; "Uzdik oiynshy" nomination went to 1st year student Kumalkanova Aiymgul.

February 17

Levina Tatyana, senior teacher of Pedagogy and Psychology Department held a workshop for students of philological specialties on "Turkic Languages Role in Modern World". Students discussed historical linguistics of Turkic languages.

Students majoring Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary School Education with Russian language of instruction held "Student of the Year – 2016” competition. Contestants: Bisengaliyeva Zhibek, Kaysanova Makpal, Kemelkanova Akerke, Askarova Makpal, Akazhanova Zeynep, Orazbayeva Nazerke, Kizatova Makpal, Daulethankyzy Zarina. 3rd year student Bisengaliyeva Zhibek won the title of Student of the Year – 2016.

"Zhyl Dene Shynyktyrushysy" 3 round competition was held among students majoring Physical Culture and Sport. 1, 2 and 3 year students took part. Results:

1st place - Kasimdzhanov Didar;

2nd place - Kibatoldin Adil;

3rd place - Dauletkhanov Murat.

Psychological trainings:

  • Akiya Elmira and Zhenіs Madina held training on "Yeshkіmge senbe" for students majoring Psychology, Finance and Law. Training concentrated on maintenance of life itself and getting satisfaction from your life. During the training "The value of time" slides, "Liar Game" video and game cards were used.
  • Kalkenova Narke and Aslanova Kuralay held "Positive" training for students majoring Psychology, Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary School Education, Physical Culture and Sport. 3rd year student Kydyrmolda Zhansaya majoring Kazakh Language and Literature was awarded for the active participation.

KAFU President's Cup volleyball tournament among faculty. Teachers of Pedagogy and Psychology, Business and Foreign Languages Department traditionally took part in the competition.  This time the tournament would be remembered not only for its interesting and entertaining run, but for the fact that the teachers were assigned to different teams according to the draw. Moreover, each team included 2 students from the professional volleyball team and one male player. It added staginess to the game.

According to the results, 3rd place went to the team of: Didar Muratuly, Svetlana Kolyuzhnaya, Diana Bortnikova, Elizaveta Meister, Dinara Mamyrbekova, Nazerke Zhaylaubek.

2nd place went to the team of: Orman Kulihan, Elena Shihotova, Azamat Berdibekov, Leila Ezhikenova, Kristina Maguryan

Winner of the KAFU President's Cup was the team of:  Inna Samoilova-Tsyplakova , Ruslan Chettykbaev, Aynur Shorganova, Balgyn Bakytbekkyzy, Alina Sharafutdinova, Aiym Ybyraeva.

The Best Player and the Narimanyan Cup went to Business Department teacher Didar Muratuly.


February 18

Fashion Group cognitive game. Participating teams: "Algyr", "Bolashak", "Dostyk» and «The Best», consisting of 1,2,3 year students majoring Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary School Education. The game was played in 4 rounds: "Tanystyru", "Konіlashar», «Fashion school», «Ushkyr oi". Team "Bolashak" took the first place at the end.

Mini-conference on "The Role of the Russian Language and Literature in Modern World." 3 and 4 year students majoring Russian Language and Literature presented their reports, discussed topical issues of linguistics and literature. At the end of the conference, all students’ reports were recommended for publication in scientific journals of high school.

Workshops certified psychologists for students majoring in "Psychology":

  • «The Art of Being Together: Love and Relationships" (speakers Osipova O., Mersiyanova A.);
  • «Metaphorical Cards in Psychology" (speaker Mersiyanova AP);
  • "The Kingdom" socio – psychological game (speaker Vaschilov I. - practicing psychologist of"Bliss" center).

"Love in the Relationships" seminar - training at the psychological center "Zerde" (host - Nursoltanova D.T.) for 2nd year students majoring Psychology.

A musical literature evening in honor of the 85th anniversary of the poet M. Makataeva "Zhyr Zhuirіgі Mukagali" was held by students majoring in "Kazakh Language and Literature". Heartfelt poetry, songs, an excerpt from the poem "Akkular uiyktaganda" written by M. Makataev were played during the event.


February 19

  1. Scientific seminar on "Problems of organizing scientific activity of high school students" (Speaker - Moshenskaya N.A., teacher of Pedagogy and Psychology Department). The participants discussed current issues and problems of science in Kazakhstan, especially in university research activities, development prospects and methods of implementation scientific activity among students.
  2. The intellectual game "What? Where? When?" was held among 1-4 year students majoring Psychology by Vdovina E.N., senior lecturer of Pedagogy and Psychology Department. 2 participating teams: “Michael and the girls” and "Freud".


Ceremony closing the Week of Science and Arts of Pedagogy and Psychology Department was held in the university’s assembly hall. During the ceremony departments showed reporting presentations, students were awarded with certificates, souvenirs and prizes for the active participation.

Administrative officers of the military unit number SU 6699 Ust-Kamenogorsk attended the closing ceremony. They solemnly handed diplomas to Baytemirova Karakat, senior lecturer and to students majoring in Psychology for their cooperation and assistance in psychodiagnostic work.





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