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Science and arts week - 2019

February 25, 2019

11 am – 12 pm – research and methodological seminar on “Advertising language” for students of specialties “Russian Language and Literature” and “Journalism”.

The main purpose of advertising texts is a presentation or promotion of ideas, services, and goods on market for increasing sales. Examples of such texts are magazine articles, texts for radio and videoprograms, advertising on product’s card in internet stores, and description of product on its packing. Different kinds of advertising texts, their linguistic peculiarities, and hypnotic advertising texts. Students have considered how to write and create advertising texts, have learned the structure of advertising texts, and requirements to advertising texts.

February 26, 2019

14pm – 15 pm – “Abdilda Tazhibayev is a great poet” reading contest held in the framework of the “Week of Student Research and Art” was dedicated to 110-year-old anniversary of poet Tazhibayev, A. for students of specialty “Kazakh Language and Literature”. 1-3 years students took part in the contest. Best readers of the contest were considered students Dauren A., Bukatova A., Yermek F., and Kanigumarova A.

14 pm – 15 pm – workshop on “Sponge Bob Syndroms” for students of specialty “Psychology”. The aim of the training is an improvement of psychological and emotional states of participants, development of creative skills, and release of negative thoughts through relaxation.

During the training different exercises for activization of creative skills were conducted.

February 27, 2019

09 am – 10 am – training on “Inside Close Relationships”. The coach is Svetlana Rybalkina, gestalt therapist.

The aim is to acquaint participants with emotional and focused therapy, main statements of this method, scenarios of the emotional attachment formation in childhood and in the Man-Woman pair.

On the basis of experience, gained in exercise, a discussion of scenarios, their efficiency in relationships, which emotions a partner causes in one or another scenario.

10 am – 11 am – guest lecture “State policy of religion in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Influence of religious movements on young people’s psychology” of Ryspayev G.B., mythologist and advisor of Advising and Methodological Center “Parassat”.

Students of specialties “Psychology”, “Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education”, “Kazakh Language and Literature” took part in the event.

The aim of lecture is to define degree and nature of the relationship between religiousness as a social and psychological feature of personality and psychological safety in relation to society and their personality among young people.

Students were actively involved in discussions, asked their questions and received informative answers to them.

11:00 – 12:00 – master-class on “Use of Art Therapy Methods in Work of Practical Psychologist” by Olga Yefremova, body-oriented therapist, art-therapist.

The aim is to acquaint students with methods of art therapy.

The exercises “Finish Drawing” and “Line of Life” were presented.

14 pm – 15 pm – discussion on “What Does Modern Teacher of Primary School Need?” by Gary Soper, certified primary school teacher of English, Oregon.

Gary Soper, certified primary school teacher of English (Portland, Oregon, USA) shared with 1-4 years students of pedagogical specialties experience of teaching children.

Gary Soper particularly focused on types of multiple intelligence: verbal, audial, visual, kinesthetic, and tactual.

Speaker pointed out that teachers can make conditions in which students can succeed and give them an opportunity to understand their types of multiple intelligences. We can also fix their success, demonstrating them our wish to see their achievements and encouraging their efforts.

Speaker also told in details about properties of teaching at the present time.

Students asked different questions during the discussion.

February 28, 2019

09 am – 10 am – break-out session on the topic “Actual issues of theory and methodology of chosen sports” for students of specialty “Physical Training an Sport”.

The aims of the event is to form motivation for learning disciplines, to develop analytical and critical thinking of students in the process of creative search and implementation of educational research, identifying gifted students and ensuring the realization of their creative potential.

Special mention must be given to reports of the following students:

  1. Aray Zaripova – “Actual issues of doping in the modern sport of the highest achievements”;
  2. Sergey Sergeyev – “Methods of training weightlifters in preparation period of sport training”;
  3. Ilya Tregubov – “Means and methods for identifying the level of fitness among young karatekas”
  4. Vladislav Shubin - “Methods for developing special physical qualities among young karatekas”
  5. Alyona Pozdnyakova – actual issues of dietology in the modern sport.

11 am – 12 pm –workshop on “Mandala Therapy as a way of self-regulation” for students of specialties “Psychology”. In the introduction the meaning of the word “mandala”, its power, and benefits of use were told. Each student painted prepared mandalas in different colours on the basis of special relaxation melody. Students shared with their impressions and feelings.

15 pm -16 pm – research and methodological seminar on “Theoretical Fundamentals of Updated Educational Content” for 2-4 years students of specialties “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education” and “Kazakh Language and Literature”.

The speakers of the seminar Sadanova Zh.K. and Zhailaubek N.D. told about changes and in education.

The Plan of the Nation “100 Concrete Steps”, in an important document for citizens of Kazakhstan, also includes steps aimed at updating the content of education. They include issues such as the phased introduction of a 12-year education, the updating of school standards for the development of functional literacy, the introduction of a new multilingual education model in high schools and universities, and others. These innovations are dictated by life itself, the requirements of our time and will serve the development of the country.

March 1, 2019

12 pm – 13 pm – Art Workshop “Inside Yourself” by Anzhelika Merssiyanova, gestalt therapist.

The aim is an understanding own personality.

The event consisted of 2 rounds.

During the first round the participants were offered to draw pictures: “Me as a river”, “Me as a mountain”, “Me as a fire”, “Me as a lake”. Then, they were offered a conditional interpretation of the drawings. After that the participants split into pairs and discuss these pictures with each other.

On the second round the participants were offered to draw a picture “My life, The World Around Me”. Then everyone could attach their first four drawings on the general picture.

Then discussion in groups and feedback were conducted.

14 pm – 15 pm training on “Why We See Our Ex-Lovers in Dreams” by Svetlana Rybalkina, gestalt therapist.

The goal is to present participants working method of dreams and gestalt therapy.

Technique. Meeting with the figure that occurs in each participant's dream, saturation of the figure, sculpture of the figure. Actualization of emotions that come during sleep. Further, participants are invited to list all the rejected qualities of the sleep figure. With the help of an interview with the therapist with each participant, the message of the unconscious through sleep is revealed.

At the closing ceremony of the Week of Student Research and Art of the Department "Pedagogy and Psychology" all students who showed active participation were awarded with certificates.

March 2, 2019

09 am – 15 pm – Regional Olympiad on Kazakh Language and Literature for high school students.

In the first round of Olympiad the participants answered test questions.

In the second-round students verbally demonstrated knowledge of Kazakh Language and Literature.

The winners among the 11th high school students:





Ulpan Kanatova

School “Perevalovskaya”, Perevelovka village,  Glubokovkiy region


Kuanysh Mukhametkaliyev

Vydrikhinskiy complex “Secondary School - Kindergarten”, Shemonaikha town


Aiym Aidynkyzy

School gymnasium “Shanyrak”, Ridder city


Riza Shalkharova

“Zhambyl Regional Specialized Boarding School-Gymnasium for Gifted Children”


Madina Zhorabekova

School “Zhangyz tobe”, station “Zhangyz tobe”, Zharma region


Bagdaulet Eginbayev

Specialized Lyceum for Gifted Children “Bilim Innovation”, Ust-Kamenogorsk city

The winners among the 11th high school students:


First name and Surname

Name of School


Zhanassyl Bakyt

Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Chemistry and Biology, Ust-Kamenogorsk city


Meruert Kurlytay

School #6, Altai town


Aida Sagyndykova

Kazakh school-lyceum, Ayagoz town


Botagoz Anuarbekova

School #46, Ust-Kamenogorsk


Kamila Alimbekova

School #15, Ust-Kamenogorsk


Kymbat Kabylkozhaeyva

School #16, Ust-Kamenogorsk

The winners got 15%, 20%, and 30% discount for studying at Kazakh-American Free University.

Seminar-training “Latin Kazakh alphabet and rules of spelling” was held in the framework of regional Olympiad on Kazakh Language and Literature. Teachers of East Kazakhstan took part in the event.

Assem Nurlanova, Speaker of the seminar – the Head of “Pedagogy and Psychology” Department, KAFU explained details of project “Rules of spelling Kazakh language in Latin”. In the second part of the seminar Nursulu Turgumbayeva, Senior Lecturer of “Pedagogy and Psychology” Department suggested to test new rules. In the end of the seminar all participants were awarded with certificates.

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