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Week of Science and Creativity - 2015

Future Lawyers Met with Judges of Specialized Administrative Court of Ust-Kamenogorsk

Annually in March teachers and students of the department of Law and International Relations of Kazakh American Free University hold variable scientific and creative events and meetings with employers and representatives of state bodies and organizations. Within the framework of Week of Science of the Department, Head of Specialized Administrative Court of Ust-Kamenogorsk Tolendi Khasimov offered to organize meeting of judges and students of Law major. “KAFU students repeatedly undergo different internships, such as: educational, practical, and pre-graduation in Specialized Administrative Court of Ust-Kamenogorsk and have proved to be competent future specialists with theoretical background.”


March 13, 2015, students attended the court and met with Judges Edil Kuderbayev, Alma Kuzbossynova and court session secretary. They explained volume and type of their work.

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Edil Kuderbayev told future lawyers about the work of administrative court, specified categories of cases falling within his jurisdiction. He also emphasized peculiarities of new Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on administrative offenses and the influence of newly adopted legislation on administrative proceedings.
After the conversations, the students visited administrative trial. Students witnessed the law in practice and assured in openness and transparency of proceedings, i.e. the main principles of justice in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
After the visit, the future lawyers noticed open and transparent justice characterizes the quality of work of the court, and in its turn transparency of adjudications. This is an evidence of their legality, indicator of improvement of justice, level of public confidence in the judicial system.


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Dinara Dautbayeva
PhD, senior teacher of Law and International Relations department


Round Table “Eurasian Economic Union: Establishment Problems and Development Perspectives”

March 13, 2015, teachers of Law and International Relations Department of KAFU hold the “Eurasian Economic Union: Establishment Problems and Development Perspectives” round table within the framework of the Week of Science. Students of the “Law”, “Customs Affairs”, and “International Relations” participated in the event.  

 The “Eurasian Economic Union: Legal Status and Historical Aspects of Development” report of the second-year student of the “Law” major Aiym Zhumagaliyeva opened the meeting.

Alongside students, representatives of the state bodies were also invited. Among them is Chie

Specialist of the “Oskemen – Centre for Customs Registration” Customs Terminal of the Department for State Income of the East Kazakhstan Region Rusana D. Ibysheva. Report of R. Ibysheva was dedicated to amendments to the legislation of Customs Union and the Republic of Kazakhstan, which entered into force as from January1, 2015.  

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 List of guests included students from S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan State University. Bakhyt Abdiyanova and Aizhan Sagadiyeva made reports on perspectives and problems of Armenia and Khyrgystan joining EEU, and system of custom law sources within EEU.

The “Procedure for the Transit of Vehicles within EEU” report of third-year student Serikhzhan Narimanov provoked particular interest of the students.    

KAFU first-year students of the “Law” major Nicolay Strakatov and Khanat Ramazanov shared with the audience the results of the “What do you know about EEU” social poll. The results of the research were supplemented by the video materials. 

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 Resolution which included theoretical and practical recommendations was adopted following the results of work of the round table. All the participants were awarded with the certificates.


Department of Law and International Relations



Contest on the History of Kazakhstan

Traditional contest on the history of Kazakhstan among first-year students of all majors was held by Law and International Relations Department within the framework of the Week of Science. Contest was held in Kazakh and Russian.

Teachers of Law and International Relations Department N.N. Lyapunova and S.A. Muzhchil were the organizers of the contest for students with the Russian Language of studying. Fourth-year student of the “International Relations” major Khant Sagidoldin actively participated in elaborating the tasks for students and organization of the contest.

The contest included three stages. First stage was the test. After the first stage students with the highest results got an opportunity to write essays dedicated to one of such important events for our country as: “70th Anniversary of the Victory in Great Patriotic War”,  “20Years of Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “20 Years of the Assembly of People of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “550 Years of Kazakh Khanate.” The best students determined in accordance with the results of the first two stages were able to participate in the third stage, i.e. individual and group creative tasks. On this stage the work of students was evaluated by the jury consisted of the first-year students N. Strakatova, K. Ramazanova, A. Kuzina.

As a result of intense competing during all three stages, the winners of the contest are Lola Dzhemarova, Christina Gorshina, Zarina Kurmangaliyeva.

During the contest students showed high level of knowledge on the history of Kazakhstan, creative abilities and desire to win.  Holding the contest promoted development of students` patriotism and also preparation to State Exam on History of Kazakhstan.


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