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Scientific projects

The university has developed a "Perspective Plan for Research Activities at the Kazakh-American Free University for 2018-2022 Years" on the basis of which "Thematic Plans of Research" are annually developed for the academic year.

Currently, the research work at the university is carried out within the framework of 9 scientific projects. The subject of these ones includes the solution to the economic, technical, technological, social, educational, and legal issues of development of three language policy and other topical problems in the East Qazaqstan region and the Republic:

1. Problems in the development and unification of Qazaqstan’s legislation in the context of integration efforts - Academic Adviser – J.A. Gavrilova, Candidate of Legal Sciences, State Registration Number 0113РК01209.

2. Impact of financial globalization on Qazaqstan’s banks development strategy - Academic Adviser – I.V. Bordiyanu, Doctor of Economics and Business, State Registration Number 0113РК01211.

3. Pragmatic and intercultural aspects of translation - Academic Adviser – E.E. Chzhan, Candidate of Philological Sciences, State Registration Number 0113РК00223.

4. Actual problems in regional and economic integration - Academic Adviser – B.B. Irmukhanov, Ph.D. in History, State Registration Number 0113РК00224.

5. Problem of psychological follow-up in the process of the formation of gender equality in the different social environments - Academic Adviser – N.A. Ladzina, PhD in Psychology, State Registration Number 0113РК00225.

6. Organizational/economic mechanisms of the integration processes in Qazaqstan’s innovation system – G.A. Konopjanova, Candidate of Economic Studies, State Registration Number 0117РКИ018.

7. Studies on the economic and social processes of using computer simulation techniques in the context of global informatization of society – G.V. Popova, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, State Registration Number 0117РКИ0181.

8. Organizational and methodological approaches to the implementation of three language educational policy in secondary and higher schools – M.I. Kikina, Candidate of Pedagogy Sciences, State Registration Number 0117РКИ0179.

9. Communicative approach of teaching various aspects of a foreign language  – Academic Adviser – J.V. Novitskaya, Med, State Registration Number 0113 РКИ 01210.

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