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Scientific projects

Our university has developed a "Program of the development of Kazakh American Free University research activities for 2013-2017", "The long-term plan for the development of research activities of Kazakh American Free University for 2013-2017", on which base annually are developed "Thematic research plans" for the academic year.

At present, the research work carried out within the University in the scope of 10 research projects that combine 1 theme performed in conjunction with the KNU of Al-Farabi within the grant funding for Priority 5 "intellectual potential of the country", the sub 5.1 - Basic research in the natural sciences; 5-applied themes by 4-initiative retrieval threads. Topics of research projects covering the solution of economic, environmental, technical and technological, social, educational, legal and other challenges of the East Kazakhstan region and the Republic:

  1. "Rational use of international experience in the formation of the Kazakh model of economic, scientific and technological growth" - the supervisor - Ph.D. Konopyanova G.A. (agreement of 20.05.2013 was) state registration № 0113RK01207.
  2. "Problems of development and harmonization of Kazakhstani legislation in the context of the integration process" - the supervisor - Ph.D. Gavrilova Y.A. (agreement of 20.05.2013 was) state registration № 0113RK01209.
  3. "Computer simulation of physical processes and phenomena in metals at the nanoscopic level" - the supervisor – candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Popova G.V. (agreement of 20.05.2013 was) state registration № 0113RK01208.
  4. "The communicative method of teaching various aspects of foreign language" - the supervisor - Novitskaya Y.V.  (agreement of 20.05.2013 was) state registration № 0113RK01210.
  5. "Pragmatic and intercultural aspects of translation - the supervisor" - the supervisor – candidate of philological sciences Zhan E.E. (contract with the LLP «BEST» of 14.01.2013g.) state registration № 0113RK00223.
  6. "Actual problems of regional economic integration - the supervisor" PhD Irmuhanov B.B. (contract with EK Chamber of Commerce №1 from 28.12.2012g.) state registration № 0113RK00224.
  7. "The problem of psychological support of the formation of gender equality in various social spheres - the supervisor" -PhD Ladzina N.A. (contract with the psychological center «Gestalt» from 28.12.2012, the) state registration № 0113RK00225.
  8. "The impact of financial globalization on the development strategy of  Kazakh banks" - the supervisor - PhD Bordiyanu I.V. (agreement of 20.05.2013 was) state registration № 0113RK01211.

Research activities carried out at the University of 2 faculties, 4 departments. Among the applied research performed at the university, greater urgency and relevance of acquired development on wastewater treatment (supervisor - Dr. Mambetkazieva RA).

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