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Research Work

All researches, conducted at Kazakh American Free University, are orientated to the improvement of social statues of Kazakh American Free University, update of structure and content of scientific and industrial researches, based on domestic traditions and modern experience, provision of multidimentional and integrative research and manufacturing processes. Research work at Kazakh American Free University is realized by means of research forums, international students research conferences, work-shops, international seminars, regional seminars, etc.

Main goal of research work at KAFU:

  • Development of innovative activity, concentration of scientists` efforts, material and financial resources for solving research and production tasks, issues of priority fundamental and applied researchers development in the region and in republic;
  • Attract investments organization and development of researches in resource-saving and ecologically clean technologies of healthy life style protection, educational, demographical and language contacts issues;
  • Development and improvement of elements of scientific market infrastructure on the departments and research laboratories;
  • Training of specialists of higher qualification for the region and republic;
  • Integration of university scientists and manufacturing, system of education, research institutions, for growth of the intellectual in the region and republic;
  • Improvement of research effectiveness, by means of acceleration of the completed researches results implementation, increase of patents number, certificates of recognition, and sale of license for inventions.

 Scientific Events at the University

Scientific events mostly aim to create conditions for establishing and development of effective scientific collaboration and long-term partnership with scientific teams from different universities and different countries. To distinguish this aim special events, such as conferences, seminars, round tables, work-shops, dedicated to various issues of economy, management, law, history, international relations, philosophy, psychology, pedagogics, ecology, mathematics, computer technologies, linguistics are held.

University traditionally holds the fallowing conferences.

International Forum of Young Scientists “Modern Scientific Trends: from Applied Researches to Innovations” is held in spring.

Forum covers the following fields:

  • Modern aspects of economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Linguistic issues and general questions of education.
  • Pedagogical and psychological issues.
  • Issues of philology and language teaching techniques.
  • Issues of pedagogics and teaching techniques.
  • Relevant issues of ecology, mathematics and informatics.
  • Mathematics and computer technologies.
  • Issues of economics and management (including post-graduate education).
  • Issues of foreign philology (including post-graduate education).
  • Issues of law (including post-graduate education).

Languages of the Forum are Russian, English and Kazakh. Total number of  Forum`s participants is 700 and tends to grow. Within the Forum, other events, dedicated to shaping skills of research work, take place.

International scientific congress is held annually in autumn.

Congress covers the following fields:

  • Issues of economy and management.
  • Relevant issues of law and history.
  • Relevant issues of ecology, mathematics, and computer technologies.
  • Pedagogics and Psychology: problems and perspectives.
  • Issues of modern languages development and teaching techniques.

Within the congress, work-shops of domestic and foreign specialists, round tables, dedicated to educational and scientific issues, open lectures of foreign specialists are held.

Total number of participants is 300 and tends to grow.

Regional scientific conference, dedicatedto the “school-college-university” continuous education model, is held in spring together with the “Orleu” national center for further education. Teachers almost from all schools of the region take part in the conference.

Conference covers the following fields:

  • Problems of pre-university education and their solution.
  • Psychological and pedagogical aspects of educational systems cooperation.
  • Linguistic training of specialists.
  • Technological assistance of the educational process in educational institutions.
  • Issues of additional education as a mean of child`s development.
  • Issues of pre-school and primary school succession.

Languages of the Conference are Russian, and Kazakh. Within the conference, work-shops of domestic and foreign specialists are held. Total number of participants is 400 and tends to grow.


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