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Сompetition "The best teacher of the university"

In a period from 03.01.2017 to 20.04.2017 Kazakh-American Free University hosted an annual contest «THE BEST TEACHER OF THE YEAR», in which the teaching staff (faculty) of the university took part in. The contest consisted of 2 phases - inner and interdepartmental level.

First phase was organized according to the Regulations, within the confines of which candidates for the title of «THE BEST TEACHER OF THE YEAR» submitted documents, characterizing the quality and the quantity of the teacher's performance - a participant of the contest.

Winners of the first tour participated in the contest, which was conducted in bounds of their knowledge, judged by a committee: first Vice-president of KAFU, deans of faculties, representatives of the Department of Academic Policy. 

On the grounds of examination of the submitted documents and arranging open classes, the judges ranked the contestants of the 2nd tour and picked the winners.

1st place - Botagoz A. Umitchinova - senior teacher of «Law and International Relations» department.

2nd place - Ardak K. Abrakhmanova - senior teacher of «Law and International Relations» department.

2nd place - Valentina V. Gersonskaya - senior teacher of «Foreign Languages» department.

3rd place - Yuliya V. Novitskaya - senior teacher of «Foreign Languages» department.

A practical open class on the discipline of «Labor Law of Kazakhstan» was conducted with use of integrated training method in English, in a group with Kazakh language of instruction by a senior teacher of «Law and International Relations» department, Botagoz A. Umitchinova. Main goal of the lesson was to consolidate the material about «Working Hours and Rest Time» with comparative legal analysis of KAFU in Kazakhstan and foreign countries.  It was achieved by using modern interactive methods and forms of training. The most useful innovative-communicative method used in the lesson was a "videobridge" between KAFU and USA. 3rd-year KAFU student Ayaulim Kabdollanova, studying in one of the leading state universities in America - University of Oklahoma, took part in a video call. By virtue of this video call, students found out about continuance and features of working hours and rest times in several states of USA.

Also, a very interesting and highly effective, from a legal disciplines point of view, was usage of a software application called “Activstudio”, designed specifically for teachers and presenters who use an “Activboard Interactive Whiteboard”.


Senior teacher of «Law and International Relations» department, Ardak K. Abdrakhmanova held a practical lesson on discipline «Politology». The main goal of the lesson was to build skills of work with monographic publications and develop independent critical thinking. It was achieved by using various interactive methods. Teacher used a brainstorming technique, which created discussions and questions about problems of political modernization; business game, which helps to obtain elements of multilingual education. Perhaps the most interesting moment of the lesson was analysis of Address of the President of Kazakhstan 2017 «Third modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness», which contributes to forming skills to work with program documents.


Senior teacher of «Foreign Languages» department, Valentina V. Gersonskaya held a practical lesson on discipline «Ecology and Basics of Life's Safety» for 1st-year students in English. During the lesson, teacher used modern techniques, based on forming communicative abilities, abilities to operate with linguistic information on given topic. On the lesson teacher used an innovative technique - brainstorming, a CLIL technique element.


Yuliya V. Novitskaya conducted a lecture in English for 2nd-year students on discipline «Culturology», on «Culture of Ancient Greece» topic. Interactive lecture was read with usage of CLIL high-level technique. In process of the lecture, teacher accomplished main objectives, competently structuring and organizing the lecture, using collective training. Yuliya Novitskaya demonstrated professional competence, high level of proficiency in modern teaching technique.


In general, the contest «THE BEST TEACHER OF THE YEAR» was held on a high organizational-methodical level and the listeners of «Young Teachers' School» who visited the contest, had an opportunity to witness and study advanced methodical experience of colleagues, improve their own professional skills and also familiarize themselves with modern student-centric learning technologies.


P.S. Video materials of the lessons are available on



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