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International accreditation ACBSP (USA) / Institutional and specialized accreditation IQAA (Kazakhstan)

General information

Mission of KAFU: Train future leaders of the 21 century for the good of the sovereign Republic of Kazakhstan


Strategic Aims of KAFU:

  1. Positioning itself as a university, providing qualitative education, based on organization of effective educational-research-innovative process.
  2. Creation of integrative system of education, science and business
  3. Development and diversification of university’s international partnership
  4. Elaborating of flexible system of university’s majors  restructuring
  5. Creation of educational and innovative environment at the university
  6. Creation of conditions, favoring spirituals desires and creative abilities disclosing for moulding civic stand, and responsibility for decisions, made
  7. Form well-qualified faculty, able to support high innovative level of education at the university


Kazakh American Free University is a private university of international partnership. President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev participated in the inauguration ceremony and awarded first graduates their diplomas. President Nazarbayev is the first honorary professor of the university.  US citizens are in university’s administration: Marshall Christensen -  Head of KAFU`s  Board of Guardians,  Daniel Ballast – Vice-President for International Programs and Partnership. In 2014university celebrated its 20th anniversary. The university was certified by the Ministry of Education and Science three times.  Six majors of the university have international accreditation by the ACBSP organization, USA.   University`s main priority is training students not only knowing their majors, but also speaking English and working with computer technologies. Students body includes 2000 students.


University model includes two programs: American and Kazakh. Within the American Program the University trains undergraduate and graduate students on management, law, information systems, and foreign languages, with the support of KAFU`s  Board of Guardians and «Co-Serve International», USA.  They invest $ 300 000 in educational programs and physical and social infrastructure of the university annually.  Students are educated in English. Professors from America, Canada, Europe and Australia take active part in educational process. About 40 foreign teachers come to teach to KAFU.  Over 200 undergraduate and graduate students underwent professional internship in the American leading companies, banks and exchange («INTEL», «NIKE», «LEXUS» etc.).  Internship is organized in companies with foreign capital. High level of teaching is confirmed by educational grants of American, British and German universities, received by students within the “Bolashak” presidential program, «МUSKIE», «IREX», «DAAD» and others.

Eight most talented students of the university got educational grants to continue their education at the magistrates and doctorate of the Northwest Nazarene University, USA.  University holds cultural and lingual program with American students annually. Graduates got Kazakhstan and American diplomas and additional certificates, confirming the level of English and computer skills.

There are full-time, part-time and distance education on Kazakhstan program. Students are trained on liberal majors, including pedagogical ones. Graduates have advantages over graduates of other universities, as a part of the diploma they got certificates, confirming the level of English and computer skills. That increases their competitiveness, and helps in solving problems of lack of teachers of new generation, especially in rural schools. High demand for KAFU graduates on the labour-market confirms their competitiveness.  Today, our graduates work for government, including Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, large domestic and foreign companies, such as:  KazZink Ltd, Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC, Ust-Kamenogorsk Titan Magnum Plant JSC,  Azia Auto JSC, AES, Kazakh Oil, ChevronTexaco, Procter and Gamble, Deloitte and Touch auditing firm, and others. University provides students with an opportunity of free distant education in American universities, and access to the Internet.

University is a representative of the “American Cultural Exchange” Association, aiming to organize English learning at the universities of the USA, and training at the leading companies.  University has in its structure diversified college, Business Education Center, Personality and Career Development Center.

University has close relations with the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan, and Kazakhstan Embassy in the U.S., leading American and Russian universities:  Northwest Nazarene University, Concordia University, Warner Pacific University, Northwest University, Arizona State University, Tyumen State University, Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics and others.

University has six buildings, two offices in the USA (Oregon, California), computer labs, educational labs, sport complex, publishing, contemporary library stock, comfortable hotel-dormitory,  recreation center, production-and-training “Sibiny” complex, etc.

KAFU`s achievements:

  1. With the support of the Board of Guardians and Fund, USA, KAFU received 455 foreign guest lecturers from the Universities of the USA;
  2. 625 undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students underwent international internship in America;
  3. Over 10000 specialists graduated from the university, about 4000 of them have good command of English, 600 of them were trained on American program, got two diplomas (Kazakh, American), and certificates, confirming level of English and computer skills;
  4. 13 post-graduate students of the Management and Law majors, were trained at KAFU;
  5. 10 undergraduate and graduate students received “Bolashak” grants;
  6. Over 60 KAFU teachers and graduates underwent internship at the leading universities in America;
  7. 95 undergraduate and graduate students completed distant courses at American universities;
  8. KAFU is successfully collaborating with 37 American, Canadian, British, Russian, Ukrainian and Armenian universities.
  9. KAFU President E. Mambetkaziyev was invited by American Presidents G. Bush (2004) and B. Obama (2011) to take part in the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, USA.


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