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Multilanguage Training Programs

Kazakh-American Free University was included in the program of multilingual personnel training in the pedagogical, engineering and majors for the 2013-14 academic year. In the 2013-2014 academic year, the university formed two groups on majors 5В070300 "Information Systems" and 5В010200 "Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education." By the decision of the Department of Higher and After-University Education and International Cooperation, Kazakh American Free University was included in the program of multilingual training for the 2014-15 academic year. 5 multilingual groups majoring 5B070300 «Information Systems»  and 5B010200 «Pedagogy and methods of primary education»  have been already formed in 2018-2019  academic year.

Student body on the majors is in Table 1.

Table 1. Students Body on the Majors of the Multilingual Training Program


1 year

3 year

4 year


5В070300 «Information Systems»


4 people

10 people


5В010200 «Pedagogy and Methodology of

Elementary Education»

1 people

4 people

5 people

In order to provide qualitative educational process, individual curriculums, course instructional support packs in Russian and Kazakh for disciplines were designed. According to the data of the discipline structures, curricula of majors, providing training of multilingual specialists, subjects are divided into three groups: subjects, taught in Kazakh, subjects, taught in Russian, subjects, taught in English.

The distribution of subjects by language of instruction is given in Tables 2.3

Table 2. Distribution of Subjects by Language of Instruction. Major - 5В070300 «Information System»

3 Year

in Kazakh

in Russian

in English

Numerical Methods

Methods of Optiomisation and Operations Research

Web-sites Development Technology

Circuit Theory

Programming in Visual FoxPro

Project management in information systems

Computer Installation Architecture

 Basics of Computer Modeling  

Database Processing Methods

 Discrete Mathematics  

Data Security and Protection


4 Year

in Kazakh

in Russian in English

Applied Methods of Software Applications

Engineering and Re-engineering of Business Processes Computer Graphics

Economics and Organization of Production

Computer Networks  

Data Systems Planning




Table 3. Distribution of Subjects by Language of Instruction. Major - 5В010200 «Pedagogics and Methods of Primary Education»

1 Year

in Kazakh

in Russian

in English

 Basics of Contemporary Kazakh (Russian) Language

Basics of Mathematics

Information and Communication Technologies

 Basics of Natural Science

Schoolchildren Development Phisiology


3 Year

in Kazakh

in Russian

in English

Teaching Methods of Mathematics

Teaching Skills

English Language Teaching Techniques

Organization of Out-Of-School Activities with School Students

Modern Pedagogical Technologies of Primary Education

Information Technologies Teaching Techniques

Kazakh Language Teaching Techniques

 Music Teaching Techniques

Children Literature

“Self-Cognition” Teaching Techniques


Theory and Technique of Teaching “Artistic Work”


Teaching Techniques of the Subject "Surrounding World"


“Self-Cognition” Teaching Techniques


4 Year

in Kazakh

in Russian in English

Defectology fundamentals

History of Pedagogics  

School Pedagogy


Comparative Pedagogics

 Theory and Technology of Pedagogical Process in Ungraded School  

Physical Education Theory and Teaching Techniques


 Teachers from foreign universities – KAFU partners(Concordia University (USA), Warner Pacific College (USA), Northwest Nazarene University (USA))  are involved in training of multilingual specialists. The University has appropriate physical and social infrastructure for the organization of the learning process: there is a language lab, equipped with special equipment sided sound transmission and is actively used in the practical training of English and Kazakh.



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