«Platonus» is an automated information system that allows automating the processes of credit and distance learning technologies.

The system has a centralized database, which reflects all the real events and processes in the university.

For every student and staff member a so-called personal account (web-page) is provided to automate the main tasks for the employees of the university; to see all the necessary information for students; to have an instant access to the case for those who studies remotely and control knowledge immediately in real-time chat with the teacher through the Internet or an internal network of the university.

Each student has the opportunity to use his or her personal virtual office:

·     to register for the elective subjects and form their individual curriculum; 

·     to review the subjects syllabus and model curricula; 

·     to view the transcript and the schedule of training sessions; 

·     for accessing the virtual classroom. 


Use of the «PLATONUS» automated information system contributes to the efficient and optimal organization of educational process at the university.