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Business Education Center Education Center works as a part of KAFU for about 20 years. It was established in the mid-90s, due to the emergence of regional employment services for retraining unemployed citizens emerged because of the transition to market economy. The center developed and improved along with the development of the services and changes of population`s demands and needs, acquiring new directions and establishing new programs.

Activities of Business Education Center: 

  • Professional training for elementary school students.
  • Additional educational services to students.
  • Business education for managers and specialists from enterprises and organizations of the region.
  • Professional development and training of the population.
  • Retraining of unemployed people.
  • Linguistic courses.
  • Multi-level course training program of computer technology development.

Over the entire period of cooperation with the employment agencies,  Business Education Center has trained more than 7000 unemployed people on the following programs:

  • “Paralegal."
  • “Secretary" (knowledge of office work, Kazakh and Russian).
  • “Small Business Entrepreneur"  (knowledge of computer technology).
  • “Accountant"  (with knowledge of computer technology).
  • “Translation Studies".
  • “PC operator."
  • “Pension Fund Agent."
  • “Salesman."
  • “Advertising Agent."
  • “Bank Agent."
  • “Insurance Agent."
  • “Travel Agent".
  • “Make-up Artist."
  • “Stylist".

Further training of managerial personnel is carried out on the following blocks:

  • Management.
  • Marketing.
  • Finance.
  • Right.
  • Psychology of Business Communication.
  • Business Etiquette.
  • Multi-Level Language Training.
  • Computer Technology.

Seminars and workshops held at the University:

  • Changes Management.
  • General Management.
  • Financial Management.
  • Education Training (basic coaching skill).
  • Management Psychology.
  • Business Negotiations: Success and Failure.
  • Personnel Management.
  • The quality of Human Resources: Assessment of the Training Effectiveness.
  • Modern Marketing: Problems and Prospects.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property.
  • Business Design as a Tool of Effective Management.
  • How to Look for, Find and Keep a job.

Trainer qualification allows designing programs in accordance with customers' requests.

Different forms of business education, business training, short-term seminars, round tables, conferences, master classes, consultations are held.

Business Education Center`s Partners: 

  • "National Institute of Intellectual Property" State Enterprise
  • Business Support Center of the Akimat of East Kazakhstan
  • the "Diol" International Association (Russia, Novosibirsk).
  • the "Key Technologies" association of professional consultants (Russia, Novosibirsk);
  • State Scientific and Technical Library (Branch in Ust-Kamenogorsk).

During the last 5 years Business Education Center has been actively involved in the implementation of the "Employment-2020" large state project, developed within the framework of the "Through Crisis - to update and development "and the title" Road Map" Action Plan of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the fulfillment of the President's Address to the people of Kazakhstan from March 06, 2009. Over the entire period, the Centre signed and implemented 35 contracts with state agencies, the center and the department of employment and social programs of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Glubokovskiy, Kokpektinskiy and Ulanskiy areas for the provision of vocational training and retraining of population. Most of the work is carried out together with the employment services, preceded by careful selection of students. Courses were held in accordance with the dual system of training, gave chances of further employment, allowed fulfillment of state orders for retraining and advanced training of more than 700 temporarily unemployed people on a high level.



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