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Tuition fee

Tuition fee

Tuition fee on full time education program is set according to size of not lower than educational grant for relevant major. In order to implement a social responsibility principle KAFU established a system of benefits for applicants of all bachelor’s majors.

Payment deadline is before the beginning of examination periods. There are 3 types of payment for students of KAFU: one-time payment, payment by semester or by month.

Students, who make payment for a year before September 1, get a 5% discount.

Payment can be made by 3 ways:

  1. By help of state – state educational grant and state student loan, grants and scholarship of local (regional) executive bodies, etc.;

  2. By help of non-governmental sources – scholarships, grants of international organizations, grants of the university, private grants and scholarship of commercial and non-commercial organizations, sponsorship of funds, etc;

  3. By yourself – own money, bank credit, etc.

  4. Universities of Kazakhstan provide second higher education on a fee-paying basis only.

Legal Addresses and Bank Details:

“Kazakh-American Free University”, 070004, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Gorkogo 76

РНН 181600072129, КБе 17, БИН 000540002589

Account: “KZ15826F0KZTD2001576” in branch of “ATF Bank”, Ust-Kamenogorsk city, BIK ALMNKZKA

Account: “KZ598560000000479760” in branch of “JSC Bank CenterCredit” Ust-Kamenogorsk city, БИК KCJBKZKX

KAFU Grants

Kazakh American Free University is the university of international partnership, providing its students with the unique program of financial support that is be without parallel in Kazakhstan. Apart state educational grants and quotas, KAFU considerably extends possibility for students.  This program is supported by American companies and funds – KAFU`s partners.

State educational grants 

Candidates with the highest Unified National Test and Comprehensive Test scores are awarded with state educational grants on a competitive basis. State educational grants defray expenses for education, and scholarship, paid from the state budget.
Grants grounds: Schoolleavers, decorated with the “Altyn Belgy” medal, winners of international and state contests on the main subjects have special preferences. In case of equal scores, orphans, children without parental care, invalids of the 1st and 2nd category, children with privileges of invalids or  The Great Patriotic War veterans, people with childhood disability have privileges above others, children with honor school leaving certificate, invalids, who have medical certificate, allowing training on the major chosen.

KAFU grants:

  1. Grants of KAFU President;
  2. Grants, provided by funds and companies;
  3. Grants of the «Co-Serve International» organization (USA);
  4. Grants of the «Е2 Education services» organization (USA);
  5. State educational grants;
  6. Discounts and privileges.

KAFU President Grant

KAFU President Grant is a discount for education that various from 10% to 100% , and scholarships for students with good results in education, and taking up an active position in university life
Basis: deans report.

Grants, provided by funds and companies

Students can get sponsorship from companies. University assists students in that also they can find companies, interested in their training and future employment, themselves. Grans are also provided by American funds, companies and private individuals for training of under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate students. 
Basis: references of KAFU President and American Vice-President. 

Grants of the «Co-Serve International» organization (USA)

«Co-Serve International» – is an organization, established in Portland. Main goal of the organization is support and development of international educational programs at KAFU. Organization provides best KAFU students and graduates with an opportunity to continue training on bachelor and master programs at universities in Canada and America. Grant is annual tuition fee (amount: $10000 – 20000).  Apart, the organization funds the “International Leadership” program, which provides tutorship of foreign specialists, working in the leading American businesses. Cost of program is $20 000 per one student.
Basis: references of KAFU President and American Vice-President. 

Grants of the «Е2 Education services» organization (USA)

«Е2 Education Services» (Seattle, USA) – is KAFU main partner in organization of summer internship in the USA. «Е2 Education Services» provides grants for KAFU students with additional financial support of big American companies. The amount of grant is $ 13 500, including cost of accommodation, food, and transport for the period of internship. Training is organized in 7 states. Places of internship: Portland (State of Oregon), Seattle (State of Washington), Chicago (State of Illinois), Evansville (State of Indiana), Austin (State of Texas), Hartford (State of Connecticut), Washington (U.S. Capital) etс.
Basis: content among KAFU third-year and fourth-year students.


Discounts and privileges

  1. Students, paid the whole amount of tuition fee till September 1, get 5% discount.  
  2. Students, having good command of English, can be enrolled to the second year of American program.
  3. Students, going to study abroad, get individual schedule, after returning, continue their education without loose of a year, or extra fee for the year missed.


Requirements for applying for university financial support:


  1. To study at university’s graduate or post-graduate programs;
  2. To have good academic results;
  3. To have good attendance;
  4. To participate in university life actively;
  5. To meet requirements of university and/or sponsor;
  6. Apply necessary documents on time and in correct form.
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