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E.S. Sitnikova

Parent Category: Intellectual Heritage Project Category: 2014y.

E.S. Sitnikova. Health Management in Kazakhstan on the Basis of Institutional Approach: Monograph. - Ust-Kamenogorsk, 2014. - 110 p. (6.9). ISBN 978-601-7334-22-2

Today, the need to reform the country's healthcare system is one of the most acute, facing both the medical community and society as a whole. Negative attitude is commonly seen among the population towards results of the healthcare reforms that has passed since independence. However, it is clear that healthcare needs to further reform as the challenges given by the state, as well as expectations of the population, are still far from realization.

The author of the monograph is Elena S. Sitnikova, PhD Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

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