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I.S. Romanchuk

Parent Category: Intellectual Heritage Project Category: 2014y.

I.S. Romanchuk Theoretical and Epistemological Basis of Research of Public State Power and Power Relations: Monograph. - Ust-Kamenogorsk, 2014. - 151 p. (9.4). ISBN 978-601-7334-23-9


The author of the monograph, Ivan S. Romanchuk, assistant professor of Theory of Law and International Law Department, Tyumen State University, PhD in Law, considers the research questions of the public and state power and power relations. State power relations have always been in attention of political science. Disputable and often polemical viewpoints in matters of investigation and assessment of power relations, inexhaustible scientific interest - both theoretical and practical - strongly suggest the relevance of research in this area. The study of such complex social phenomenon as government remains popular for many years and despite the considerable number of scientific works done in this area, that is not surprising. Power and power relations are key issues in political science and therefore in need of deep and comprehensive study. The practical significance of organization and operation of power and despite the abundance of material on a given topic, insufficient theoretical study of topic’s methodology research determine relevance of this monograph. The study is based on unique epistemological paradigm, in which certain mix of methodological tools, previously untapped in the study of power, is used. This has allowed revealing new facets of the phenomenon under study and deeper understanding of its nature.

The book can be useful for researchers and practitioners of public authorities and local governments, teachers, graduate students, undergraduates and students of educational institutions, as well as for all those interested in the problems of power and power relations and their realization in the modern state and legal reality.

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