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«Нұрлы Жол» - Wide Way to Future

Extraordinary address of the leader of the Nation gave a new hope to Kazakhstani for stable and realistic improvement of social and economic situation in the country. This optimistic state of affairs is especially important under the conditions of new challenges and threats of financial crises for the whole world, and drastic changes in the whole system of the world.  This is a reason for Kazakhstan to establish its own system, reflecting its unique identity and combining with the social structure.

«Нұрлы Жол» -  wide way to future

E. Mambetkazyev

KAFU President,

member of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Alongside its industrial potential, East attracts tourists. Implementation of the Astana – Ust-Kamenogorsk, Almaty – Ust-Kamenogorsk road projects for creation of modern service infrastructure will make the region popular among lovers of ecological, sport, medical, research and historical tourism.

President of Kazakhstan always puts special emphasis on the creation of the atmosphere of intellectual diligence and results in the society. It has always been important; but under the conditions of intellectual and industrial modernization it is becoming crucial. June 24, as a part of the working trip to the East region, the Head of the State N. Nazarbayev noticed high intellectual potential of people of the region and special role of engineering in the development of the region. There are good universities, he says, and it is very important to establish collaboration between studying, science and industry. During our private talk, I, ex-minister of education (1993-1995), had an opportunity to express gratitude to our President for his support of education and science. Within the industrialization program, 10 universities have been elected for further connection with science and economy. We really hope that the means assigned will be used efficiently, and to 2017 physical infrastructure of new industrial plants will be the universities infrastructure.       

President says that university system must take into consideration economic peculiarities of each region. Training of future engineers in the region of industry, metallurgy, and machinery construction is done by Technical University.  It is one of the leading universities in the East, and its future must be planned in accordance with the aims of innovative and industrial strategies. That is the East, where the specialists in atomic power engineering, electronic and electrical industries must be trained. Semipalatinsk has great potential for development of medical centers, and Semipalatinsk Medical University must be the man science and education body for this center. In general, all forces must be focused on the quality of all levels of education. That is why, such problems as school under the threat of collapse, three sessions a day, reduction of lack of places in pre-school institutions, must be seen as main for creating a new quality of human life. Now it is the step of changes to new and bright future.   

N. Nazarbayev sees special importance in investments, dedicated to the education of youth in Kazakhstan. We all remember that in the first years of building of independent Kazakhstan, teaching gifted children abroad was too expensive. But we found a solution, the Bolashakh international program started in life. Youth is our future, says the President in his address. And «Нұрлы Жол» is a new wide way for our creative and dynamic youth in future. 

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