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KAFU and Novosibirsk State University: the Example of International Scientific Collaboration

December 3-5, 2014 teachers of the Department of Law and International Relations Yu. Gavrilova (Candidate of Law) and M. Khasenova (doctoral student) participated in the “Eurasian Integration: Legal and Educational Aspects” international scientific conference, and in the Second International Ecological Law School 2014, organized within the conference.  Events were held in Novosibirsk State University, i.e. one of the main educational centers in Siberia. 

Scientists and lawyers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tadzhikistan, Belarus, America, Nigeria, and Greece drew the attention of students, and society to the issues of Eurasian educational integration development, collaboration in the sphere of environmental protection, and nature management.

Dean of the School of Law of Novosibirsk State University, Doctor of Law, Professor, Colonel V. Kurcheev spoke about Eurasia as one of the factors of ecological safety. Director of the Institute of Strategic Researchers of European University of Moldova, President of Moldova Association of International Law, Doctor of Law, Professor A. Burian made his speech about issues of cosmos and ecology in the ХХI century.

Associated professor of the Department of Ecological and Agrarian Law of the Belarus State University, Candidate of Law L. Samusenko noticed the problems of terminology in the sphere of recreational nature management. 

Scientists from Kazakhstan placed special attention on the global ecological issues. Yu. Gavrilova described the main aspects of international legal collaboration of Kazakhstan in the field of protection and usage of transboundary water resources, and presented the “Relevant Issues of International Ecological Law” monograph.

The senior research assistant of the Department for Implementation of Ecological Law of International Ecological Law Center of Eurasian Law Scientific Institute M. Khasenova spoke about projects of the Center and presented the “Anthology of International Ecological Law” book.  This unique book includes bibliographical description of about 3 500 sources, including 800 links for downloading of full texts starting the year of 1830. M. Khasenova is a co-author of the book, printed under execution of Russian Ecological Union, Eurasian Law Research Institute, Moscow initiative in development of international ecological law.

Business games on ecological law, land law, and for students of legal majors made the Second International Ecological Law School 2014 especially valuable. Yu. Gavrlova and M. Khasenova organized the “Ecological Crises of Six Continents” quest game. Teachers offered students to join ecological legal trip around the world and save humanity by prevention of global ecological catastrophe.

The most important result of the conference and school is that all participants had a chance to think about environmental and educational issues, and understand the fact that these phenomena have no state boards, and that our planet is in our hands, and its future depends only on us!

People must solve ecological and educational problems together. The conference under the “Eurasian Integration: Legal and Educational Aspects” slogan is an example to follow by all countries and governments, interested in future of their nations and in future of the next generations. 


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