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City Contest on the Kazakh Language and Literature

Kazakh American Free University in liaison with City Education Department hold contest on the Kazakh language and literature for students of 10-11 grades of the schools of Ust-Kamenogorsk with the Kazakh language of study. The aim of the event was to improve the status of the Kazakh Language. Students from Zhambyl Specialized School for Gifted Children, O. Bokey School-Lyceum # 44, A. Baytursynov School # 20, Schools # 45, 15, 16, 32, 42, Schools of the Menovnoye and Akhmirova villages participated in the contest.

KAFU President, member of the National Academy of Science E. Mambetkaziyev gave an opening welcome speech. Guest of the contest, coordinate for the Kazakh Language and Literature subjects from City Education Department Z.S. Skakova wished every participant good luck, and noticed that holding of such events improved the status of the Kazakh Language.  

Contest consisted of two stages. The first stage was the test on the Kazakh Language and Literature, the second stage was analytical tasks on the subjects.  

Doctor of Philology K. Kusmanova hold educational seminars for teachers of the schools, accompanying their students, all the participants of the seminars received certificates.

During the contest, students improved their knowledge and showed the following results:

Grade 10:

1-place – Aitkazina Shugyla (O. Bokey School-Lyceum # 44);

2-place – Karibayeva Perizat (School of the Menovnoye village);

2- place – Tulikbayeva Altynay (O. Bokey School-Lyceum # 44);

3- place – Zhenis Orazay (A. Baytursynov School # 20);

3- place – Nuroldina Ulzhan (School #45).

Grade 11:

1-place – Altayeva Aida (School #16);

2-place – Zhanbolatkyzy Azhar (Zhambyl Specialized School for Gifted Children);

2-place – Aipova Ayaulym (A. Baytursynov A. Baytursynov School # 20 20);

3-place – Avelkhan Khuangan (A. Baytursynov School # 2014)

3-place – Tolymkhanova Gafura (Zhambyl Specialized School for Gifted Children).

Winners received 30%, 40%, 50% discounts for studying at the bachelor majors of Kazakh American Free University. Participants noticed fair results of the contest and hospitability of Kazakh American Free University.


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