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AES - KAFU: The Theory and Professional Practice

"Knowledge is revealed in learning and is tested in practice." These are the metaphoric opening words quoted by the AES employees who welcomed the law students of the Kazakh American Free University in their enterprise on April 16. The Kazakhstani AES Group is the largest enterprise producing heat and electric energy in the East Kazakhstan Region.

From the first minutes of the tour, the students were imbued with the strict working atmosphere and felt the great responsibility which every enterprise employee bears.

- Today - explains Yulia Gavrilova, Candidate of Law, the head of the KAFU "Law and International Relations" Department, - an important part of lawyers’ training is developing students skills to apply the rule of law into practice. That is why our university has supported the initiative to organize a seminar by Aleksey Konopyanov, the AES Group contract manager.

In the course of the workshop Aleksey Konopyanov shared with the students his eight-year experience of legal practice in the preparation and conclusion of civil legal contracts for the Heating Power Station with companies and institutions of near and far abroad. The students were interested in the practical examples and typical conflicts that arise when developing and signing agreements and contracts.

The workshop was pretty valuable because of the live-chat-format, where the participants could not only answer, but also ask questions about the achievements and history of this organization. Victoriya Aleksandrova, a second year student, was interested in urgent questions of compliance with the Republic of Kazakhstan environmental and labor legislation. Dinara Dautbaeva, KAFU leading teacher, PhD, asked to share the company’s experience in consulting the International Court of Arbitration.

The students also had an opportunity to share their examples and experience which they have already had during their professional internship. They also were able to analyze the norms of the present civil law.

In general, the seminar participants learned a lot of useful information and deepened their knowledge in various areas of law. They also realized that the “Ust-Kamenogorsk AES Heating Power Station " llp. is a company open to all people interested not only in legal but also in environmental information on the activities of the enterprise.

All participants expressed their gratitude to the seminar organizers for the preparation and conduction of this workshop, hoping for further cooperation.

Yuliya Gavrilova,

Candidate of Law,

the head of the "Law and International Relations" Department, KAFU

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