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Knowledge into practice

Yerezhep Mambetkaziyev, the KAFU President, the Member of the Republic of Kazakhstan National Academy of Science, gave a speech at the Republic scientific-practical conference "Pedagogical technologies for the development of schoolchildren’s functional literacy." The conference was held on May 15 in Ust-Kamenogorsk at the East Kazakhstan State University.

The conference was attended by famous scientists, teachers and methodologists, representatives of the regional branches of the National Center for Professional Development “Orleu”, representatives of the local government offices and non-governmental organizations and journalists.

The conference presented a book written by Kanipa Bitibayeva, the honored teacher of Kazakhstan. The book titled "Әдебиеттіоқытудыңинновациялықтехнологиясы" (“Innovational technologies in teaching literature”), was published by the regional branch of “Orleu” center.

The conference discussed the issues of the effective use of educational technologies for the development of students’ functional literacy. It is considered to be the main direction in education modernization in developed countries. There are several innovational models for developing functional literacy. The conference provided an exchange of innovative experience and held workshops, discussions and exhibitions.

- We, the university chancellors, and the whole society entirely depend on teachers and their professionalism, - noted Yerezhep Mambetkaziyev in his report. - It is a school teacher who influences the school graduates being ready to learn to work efficiently under the real life conditions.

Today it is necessary to work constructively on the formation of modern teacher and his\her social status. This can be achieved by selecting creative and socially responsible students applying for teaching majors and by providing them with special scholarships. The training program should be focused on the practical applicability of the knowledge in solving life's problems. It is necessary to establish clear parameters of teachers’ social status and their wages in accordance with the achieved level of pedagogical professionalism. A teacher, regardless of the specialization, has to be fluent in both the world universal language, that is English, and the state language, i.e. Kazakh.

Today the school pays a lot of attention to the modern quality vocational guidance among school students, which will help beforehand to determine the calling of every graduate. Also, it is necessary to change the testing procedure, and instead of one united test in the end of the study organize a test in the end of every school year with giving the final certificate of study completion. In conjunction with the United National Test this will provide an objective picture of a student’s knowledge level during the whole period of study.

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