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Language - clarity of thought

Within the realization of the State Program on the Development and Use of Languages for 2011-2020, the Ust-Kamenogorsk Culture and Language Development Department together with Kazakh American Free University held "Language- clarity of thought” city language contest.

The contest’s aim:

- identifying and supporting talented youth fluent in three languages, namely, Kazakh, Russian and English;

- forming the language culture, educating multilingual personality, strengthening Kazakh patriotism and respecting other peoples’ cultures and languages.

The contest’s objectives:

- implementing the language policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

-increasing the interest in language improvement;

The contest participants were given the following tasks:

1. Give a speech on the given topic.

2. Write an essay on the given topic.

3. Interpret a text simultaneously.

The contest had three rounds:

          The first round was in the Kazakh language;

          The second round was in English;

          The third round was in Russian.

While summing up the contest’s results the following criteria were taken into account:

1. The level of language proficiency;

2. Correct spelling and pronunciation;

3. The speed and quality of the response;

4. The content and originality of the response;

5. The ability to behave well and keep time.

The contest results:

Grand Prix: Ksenia Shatalova, KAFU College

1st place: Nurgul Tamayazova, KAFU

2nd plac:e Botagoz Bakayeva, KAFU College

3rd place: Azhar Albaeva, KAFU

All winners and participants were awarded with valuable gifts and letters of commendation. The Grand Prix winner, Ksenia Shatalova, got a ticket to the regional contest.

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