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Overview of the main directions of anti-corruption strategy of the Kazakhstan Republic for 2015-2025 in the framework of the President National Plan "100 concrete steps"

On the initiative of the Economic Investigation of State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance, the Senior lecturer of the "Law and International Relations" department, the financial police lieutenant colonel retired Nuria Zainutdinova held a lecture on the anti-corruption strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2025 years.

The above mentioned strategy was adopted in Astana, on December 26, 2014 by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 986.

The aim of the Strategy is to increase the effectiveness of anti-corruption policy of the state, the involvement of the whole society in the anti-corruption movement by creating an atmosphere of "zero" tolerance for any manifestation of corruption and reducing the level of corruption in Kazakhstan.

Nuria Mukaramovna in her report gave a detailed explanation regarding the work of the Department of Kazakhstan Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption, to focus attention on the key areas of anti-corruption, certain in the Strategy:     

1. The fight against corruption in the public service;

2. The introduction of the institute of public control;

3. The fight against corruption in the quasi-public and private sectors;

4. The prevention of corruption in the judiciary and law enforcement agencies;

5. The level of the formation of anti-corruption culture;

6. The development of international cooperation on anti-corruption.

Today the strategy covers the main areas of state and society, provides the development and implementation of a set of versatile and consistent anti-corruption measures and, thus, is to provide the maximum reduction of corruption at all levels of government and private sector to generate intolerance of Kazakhstani citizens to this social evil. At the same time, as stated in the Strategy, the basic directions defined in it cannot be set once and for all. They need to be adjusted while implementation of certain measures and, in the light of the deep analysis of the phenomenon of corruption, its causes, motivation of the corrupt behavior, serious and objective assessment of the situation in the fight against corruption.

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