School of Financial Journalism on a Funded Pension System - Raising Financial Awareness!


December 5, 2019 JSC UAPF invited students and teachers of the KAFU, of "Journalism" educational program to participate in the School of Financial Journalism. The event was also attended by the representatives of East Kazakhstan media and bloggers.

The School of Journalism is an intensive certification program that develops students' skills in working with the main sources of information about the funded pension system to create high-quality journalistic materials for print, radio, television and online media.

The opening speech was addressed to the participants by the Managing Director, Nur-Sultan branch, Murat Sharipov, who emphasized the importance of raising financial awareness of journalists regarding the funded pension system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. automatic mode, as well as other issues related to the accumulation period, from the opening of the IPS to the payment process.

Ayzhan Temirlan, Chief Specialist of the Strategic Development Department, made a presentation on the activities of the UAPF, its main goals, objectives and plans, as well as various international pension systems. The speaker also dwelled on the prospects for the development of the fund and held a work shop using an electronic pension calculator.

Of particular interest to the audience was the presentation by the Chief Specialist of the Risk Management Department, Samat Zhauynshiev on the topic “How and Where Pension Assets are Invested.” The Director of the Department for Support and Development of the Regional Network Mamilya Mussabekova highlighted the development of direct and remote service systems. Marina Akmaeva, Head of the Media Communications Department of the Department of Public Relations, made a presentation on the channels for obtaining information and navigation on the Foundation’s website.

As a result of the training, the participants passed the test in an interactive game on the Kahoot funded pension system, and also received certificates confirming their participation in this event.

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