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Art Therapy at Mom’s House: Desire Map


On December 21, 2019, a final meeting was held with young women living in the “Mother’s House” in Ust-Kamenogorsk. The meetings were held as part of the US Embassy Small Grants Program Art Therapy Project. The participants took part in the artwork “Desire Map”, which was conducted by the senior teacher of KAFU, psychologist-consultant Yelena Nikolaeva Vdovina . The desire map is a universal tool in achieving your goals. When a person transfers his desires to paper, he thinks through them in more detail and charges his thoughts with powerful energy. All this leads to a quick change in life, and events begin to take shape in the way necessary for for the dreamer. When dreams acquire real images and traits, a person receives an understanding of what is needed to achieve these goals, what will interfere, and what will help in implementation. It is also a verification of the truth of goals, which includes the left hemisphere - rationality, logic, planning and the right hemisphere - intuition, emotions, images, sensations. At the first stage, the participants created a collage or visualized the desired in 8 main areas of life (wealth, fame, love, family, children, wisdom, career, travel). Then, with the help of metaphorical associative maps, the resources and strengths of the training participants were determined to achieve their goals.

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