Art Studio: Drawing Poppies


To continue spring flower series, on February 28, in the art therapy studio, created with the support of the Small Grants Program of the US Embassy, ​​participants drew poppies.
What does poppy symbolize?
The sea of ​​fire, on which the wind draws scarlet waves, is truly a spectacle of incredible beauty, which is painting the fields of Europe and Asia every year. At different times, among different peoples, this simple and at the same time magnificent flower was a multifaceted symbol that could be interpreted differently depending on circumstances - but more often it still remains dual, like everything in the universe. Myths and legends were composed about it, it was used in medicine and dedicated to the gods. However, the poppy, despite the stereotype of the "scarlet flower", is not necessarily red - there are pink, yellow, orange, white poppies, and the most amazing - blue - that grow in the Himalayas.

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