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Learning English and broadening our worldview

Within the frameworks of the international partnership between KAFU and Michael Christensen Foundation Co-Serve (USA) and the Board of Trustees : My city” an annual Olympiad in English has been conducted for students of 9th-10th grades. About 200 students from Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semei., Ridder and other cities took place in the Olympiad.

The judges were selected from the faculty of KAFU and partner organizations including Daniel Ballast, Jeremy Layb, and faculty from KAFU who had experience in the U.S., such as Yulia Novitsyaya and Vladimir Elakov.


The results were announced separately for regular schools and specialized schools. In the first group leading positions were occupied by teams of students.

The places were distributed in the following way: Gymnasium 38 from Ust-Kamenogorsk got the first place, the Regional Specialized School for Gifted got the second place, and gymnasium 10 got the third place.

Among regular schools awards were distributed in the following way: school 39 got the first place, the regional lyceum for mathematically gifted got the second place, and a lyceum from Ridder got the third place.

Teachers who accompanied participating students participated in a special seminar  “Theory and practice of teaching a foreign language”. The leader of the winnig tam from school 39, Iya Nikolayevna Osipova noted that even teachers with much experience gained something useful from the seminar. This was particularly the case for the leading specialists from KAFU – Yuliya Novitskaya and Valentina Gersonskaya.

The winners of the language group from school 38, Dana Sagadiyeva, Nikita Temenov, Zalina Bayasova, Andrey Pavlov confided that their trip to success was a long one. Their school has been in the list of top three for several years.

- This year we became the best, - told Andrey. I especially value the fact that our knowledge and spoken English skills were evaluated by native speakers. They can evaluate our skills better than anybody else.

In response to the question in what respect the Olympiad at KAFU is different from other Olympiads the students unilaterally declined: «in academic integrity, transparency, and interesting tasks!»

- An, in addition to that, - said Nikita, this olympiad has taught individuals to work as a team. In a discussion everyone should show their knowledge and skills. At the end we were supposed to discuss the topic “Sports in the life of a teanager”. We had to prepare a plan of our reply within ten minutes, as well as to distribute our roles and responsibilities. Teamwork was very important here.

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