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Online Business Project Defense


Онлайн-защита бизнес-проектов студентов 2 и 3 курсов образовательной программы «Менеджмент» состоялась под руководством старшего преподавателя

Online defense of business projects of 2nd and 3rd-year students of the educational program "Management" was held under the supervision of a senior lecturer of the Department of Business Yu.V. Trofimova at Kazakh-American Free University.
Young people confirmed the success of studying the “Business Planning” discipline with business projects aimed at developing small business. This is the creation of small enterprises for the production of Kazakhstan-made clothes, shoes and so on. Among the projects presented are the opening of a cafeteria in the city of Ridder and a cafe for proper nutrition in Ust-Kamenogorsk, the provision of time management services, the opening of a new football club, the opening of quest rooms and a car wash in the city.
Each entrepreneur starting his activity needs to accurately present his needs in financial, material, labor and intellectual resources, the sources of their receipt, and also be able to clearly calculate the efficiency of resource use in the process of the company. Therefore, the provision of entrepreneurial activity, carried out on the basis of a business plan, is the most important task for any manager.
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