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Azhar Karibaeva got the grant of KAFU`s president. This March, Azhar, a student from the Secondary school 6, Semey, participated inthe State Contest of School Students on sciences. Discounts for education were given to Nicolay Sablin, High school 25, and Aigerim Serikzhanova, Shakarim Secondary-school, Semey. Students were presented with the certificates by Daniel Ballast, vice-president of KAFU.

On the last week, administration, faculty and staff of the Kazakh-American Free University greeted the participants of the State Contest of School Students. Excursions of the university, and KAFU`s museum were organized for these gifted students. Students had an opportunity to meet with the faculty of the University, including foreign professor, who annually come from the USA to teach at KAFU.

In the welcoming speech Galina Konopyanova, the vice-president of the university, put special emphasis on complex development of students` personalities in the context of globalization and becoming “citizens of the world”.

- Young people want to be needed every time, and everywhere. But for that they need proficiency in foreign languages, experience in intercultural communication and international cooperation. If you want to achieve all that, you need to use all the opportunities of your own region. Now, you have a chance to observe all that here, to speak with our students, so to hear their opinion “from the horse's mouth”.

- I am always happy to meet with talented people, says Marshall Christensen, the president of the “Co-Serve International” organization. I have just arrived to Ust-Kamenogorsk, and this is my 25th visit here. I am sure, most of you wonder why Marshall comes to this city. The answer is very simple: there are special people, special potential. Not any university deserves the right to be the university of international cooperation. Exactly this is the peculiarity of KAFU. Here you will develop not only in one particular area on local level, but internationally, you can become known to the whole world. Our international programs and School of Leadership will help you to do that. We believe in each of you and want to discover your potential. If KAFU becomes your choice, we will discuss opportunities of our perspectives many many times in future.

- I am extremely happy to greet you in this university! – started Daniel Ballast, American vice-president of KAFU. I had a wonderful opportunity to be the part of this university from the first day of its founding. It was 20 years ago. I came to Ust-Kamenogorsk in 1993 for the first time, and the university was founded in 1994. During this period of time we have done a lot, we applied every effort to have the university that you see now. Annually, foreign professors and students participate in life of the university; our students can undergo training courses in America, including our School of Leadership. I don`t want to say that in America everything is better than here, in Kazakhstan. So, why is it important? Because we learn in the process of this interaction, we learn about your experience, you can learn about ours. It helps understand each other better, and that, in its turn, is extremely relevant for harmonic and peaceful life.

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