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24 June, Nursultan Nazabaev, Head of Kazakhstan, emphasized high intellectual potential and special roll of engineering of East Kazakhstan during his recent working visit. There are very good universities, the most important now is interconnection of educational process and industry of the region. East Kazakhstan is in the lead in dual teaching; this very fact is evidence of success.

Erzhep Mambetkaziev, KAFU President, member of Academy of Science Minister for Education (1993-1995), had an opportunity to express gratitude for development of education and science in the republic.

Our President always pays special emphasis on creation of truly intellectual diligence in the society of Kazakhstan. This has always been important, but now, in terms of industrial modernization and innovations, it requires special meaning.  Our President has these values since the first days of our independence, and this is what he requires from his team. In 1993, at the height of crises, our President entrusted me, Head of regional university, with managing of Kazakhstan`s education. Under the conditions of young sovereign state establishment, we were to determine the way of development.

Nursultan Nazarbaev made a crucial decision to integrate into advanced system of education of European, American and Asian countries. Our President`s determination and support roused me to allow came to ahead changes in education and science. We opened Eurasian National University, next five (after Ust-Kamenogorsk) regional universities in Akmola, Atyrau, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Tyldykurgan, and also some private universities. All this was in the eve of the “Bolashak” program adopting by the President. This program is several steps system of training Bachelor and Master Students. We had testing, universities transfer to ministry`s authority, creation of Higher Education Academy, universities ranking, publishing of the “Higher Education of Kazakhstan” scientific journal and many other innovations ahead. Many universities became independent with the most honorable people heading them.

All this helped our education out of stagnation. New generation got incredible opportunity to study abroad an at prestige university, that had been impossible before. Country lacked specialists meet not soviet, but global requirements. At this moment, we, independent Kazakhstani, needed to cut our own “window” to Europe and America, to educate our talented young people at world best universities. That was what we expected to achieve in future.

But, taken into consideration economic crises and social depression, to educate people abroad was seen as too expensive project. Despite this, Nursultan Nazarbaev always was determined that investment in young generation is justified. So the international “Bolashak” program was decreed by him.

During the forum, dedicated to above named program`s 20th anniversary, the Head of our state characterized the program as one of the “golden pages” in the history of sovereign Kazakhstan. This should be taken as high approval of those period leading initiatives. 

One of the most important projects was establishing of International Higher College in East Kazakhstan, in Ust-Kamenogorsk. President took part in the opening ceremony, and four years later, firs graduates would be presented with their diplomas by the Head of our state.

Today we know this institution as Kazakh American Free University – first university of international partnership in Kazakhstan. This year KAFU celebrates its 20th anniversary. During this period of time 445 foreign teachers took part in educational process, 625 Bachelor and Master Students underwent professional, cultural and linguistic training in the USA, more than 4000 specialists, having a good command of a foreign language, graduated from KAFU…These results became possible thanks our President`s care about our “BOLASHAK”.

It is symbolic that the university of international cooperation on the East of our country, given start in life by our Elbasy, successfully develops, and trains highly qualified specialists for good of our sovereign Kazakhstan.

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