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Ceremonial Meeting of the Academic Council

This event, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of KAFU and 30th anniversary of its president, member of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan E. Mambetkaziev`s principalship, became the most significant in jubilee celebrations.

Folk instruments group played in the main hall, and girls in national dress and KAFU students  greeted governor of East KazakhstanB. Saparbaev, KAFU President E. Mambetkaziev, Dr. M. Christencen, Mayer H. Hallman, KAFU vice-president D. Ballast and other guests.

-                     Today we celebrate two anniversaries – say presenters in three languages at the beginning of the meeting – today is 20th anniversary of the first private university of international partnership, and 30th anniversary of E. Mambetkaziev`s principalship, who is the author of this unique project, its creator, famous leader in the sphere of education in Kazakhstan and abroad, member of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Thanks to his initiative and efforts, the East of Kazakhstan was the place, where the third university in Kazakhstan was opened. This was a classical university – East Kazakhstan State University, and soon afterwards, first university of international partnership was established.

Governance of the city and region always shared E. Mambetkaziev`s ideas and supported him. Governor of the region B. Saparbaev participated in celebrations five years ago, and today he also was a part of the meeting and met with American partners.

-                     Future of any state depends on the educational level of its population – reveals the head of the region. – So KAFU contributes a lot to the development of the region and the whole state. Within this period of time over 10 000 specialists graduated from KAFU, and 4 000 of them have good command of three languages. I this respect, KAFU`s work is conducted in accordance with the requirements of our president Nursultan A. Nazarbaev.  Our goal is to be among developed countries, and to have KAFU in the east of the country is a great priority.  On behalf of the region`s governments, I congratulate KAFU on this anniversary, I would like to express gratitude to all colleagues from the USA, who made it possible for our students to be trained in leading companies in America, and gain international experience. All these is the result of KAFU President, Dr. Mambetkaziev`s work as a rector during 30 years. His work deserves high appreciation, as it favors development of education not only in our region but in the whole country.

   B. Saparbaev presented KAFU vice-president, American citizen D. Ballast with I. Altynsarin breastplate. KAFU commercial director M. Shuraev, KAFU deans N. Shefer and G. Menzyuk were presented with Ministry of Education andScience honorary letters. Head of KAFU scientific office R. Mambetkazieva, KAFU vice-president E. Nabiev were presented with East Kazakhstan Akimat honorary letters.

President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbaev opened the university in 1994 and presented first graduates with diplomas in five years. He mentioned: “We want to educate our children as citizens of world. So Kazakhstani could serve the whole planet and not only their Motherland.” Hopes of our presidents met expectations, the same as foresights of this project`s author, and KAFU`s creator. Trilingual graduates, who had working experience with new technologies in the USA, can work with representatives of different cultures, possess abilities for  self-perfection, and leadership.

Whole generation of KAFU graduates represent their alma mater in state structures and leading enterprises in the USA, Great Britain,  Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece, Frnace, South Korea, the Russian Federation, Estonia and others. Sevints Nurieva (from America), Sabina Mamedova (from China), Yukiya Sagindykova (from Russia), Rizael Mukashev (from Astana) were delighted to send their video congratulations and bring joy to the members of the meeting. Graduates who work on the leading enterprises in East Kazakhstan congratulated their university personaly.

First deputy ambassador of the USA in Kazakhstan Michael Klechevski talked about the contribution of KAFU in development of relations between two countries. For D. Ballast Ust-Kamenogorsk became the second home, and KAFU`s history is the history of his life. Longlasting mentor of the university, Honorry worker in the field of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dr. M. Christensen successfully implements his “International Leadership” program in KAFU. Honorary professor of KAFU D. Knauss delivered speech in Kazakh, telling the audience about his satisfaction with the development of university during 20 years.

Famous singer, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. Nurgozhina congratulated KAFU and appeared on stage during the meeting.

KAFU has good relations with Nazarbaev University, its rector Shigeo Katsu was a distinguished guest on the meeting, executive vice-president of Nazarbaev University Maxat Mamashev, vice-president of the “Bolashsak” program Indir Mamasheva, dean of Higher Education Scholl at Nazarbaev University Timoty Reigan also came to congratulate KAFU.

30 years ago in distant 1984 young and energetic doctor of chemistry became the rector of Ust-Kamenogorsk Pedagogical Institute. He worked his way up from assistant and post-graduate student at Kazakhstan State University to professor and the head of the department. By this time E. Mambetkaziev was the man of the famous Soviet school of chemistry, being trained in prominent scientific institutions in Moscow and Lenengrad, defended his thesis in Lomonosov Moscow State University. These 30 years of his work as a rector is the way of reformer.

- With the support of the president of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbaev, outpost for collaboration between Kazakhstan and America was created. – says the president of Kazakhstan Sport and Tourism Academy K. Zakiryanov in his speech, while reading the  salutatory from the Ministry of Education and Science. – You, Dr. Mambetkaziev, are honorary citizen of Ust-Kamenogorsk, but you deserve the statues of honorary citizen of the whole East Kazakhstan, as you made a lot for the development of its intellectual potential.

E. Mambetkaziev was presented with the A. Baytursynov order and diploma for his contribution to the development of education and on the day of the 30th anniversary of his principalship. Also he was presented with the diploma of honorary doctor of Kazakhstan Sport and Tourism Academy, the diploma of honorary doctor of liberal arts of Warner Pacific College,  honorary letter from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, certificate of the E-2 educational organization (America) for his achievements and views.

KAFU rector, PhD A. Mambetkaziev, vice-president G. Konopyanova and professor K. Narimanyan were presented with A. Baytursynov medals by the Association of Kazakhstan`s Universities.

University and its creator received congratulations from the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. Sarinzhipov, Astana akim I. Tasmagambetov, state bodies, national companies, foreign partners, universities recotors from Kazakhstan and other countries. But congratulations from graduates, who successfully work in the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Estonia, Russia, and Ukraine, are the most valuable.

As a rector Dr. Mambetkaziev closely collaborate with teachers from East Kazakhstan. He is convicted that teachers` role in society is enormous. “Even me, member of the Academy, can do nothing in the university, if basis of school education are of bad quality.” He well-deserved gained good reputation among the community of the city and region.

Representatives from school, community, grateful parents, trusted their children to be educated here, expressed their gratitude.

In his final speech KAFU Presidents, member of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Erezhep Mambetkaziev said thank you to all people, participated in establishment and development of KAFU.

- I think, there is nothing better in the world than to see your hopes meet expectations, and plants being implemented – says the President.- During the Soviet times, to open an university in collaboration with the USA was impossible. But today we celebrate 20th anniversary of the university of international partnership with America. Its reputation among university is the result of cooperation between two continents, Kazakhstani and Americans, two ways of thinking, communication in three languages.  This partnership is based on mutual respect, understanding of people holding the same views, joined by one aim.

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