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8th Beremzhanov International Chemistry and Chemical Technology Congress

8th Beremzhanov Chemistry and Chemical Technology Congress took place at KAFU, October 9-10. Representatives of more than 35 research organizations,industrial enterprises and higher educational institutions from Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, the United States of Ameruca, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey participated in the congress.

 - I would like to express my gratitude to all of the congress participants, accepted our invitation, - says KAFU president, doctor of chemistry, and member of the National Academy of Science Erezhep Mambetkaziev. – It is symbolic that that the congress in memoriam of my mentor, Batyrbek Akhmetovich is taking place in the first private university of international partnership in our country, which has 20-year-experience in productive cooperation with prominent scientists and experts from America, Canada and Europe. Today a pleiad of Beremzhanov scholars are eminent scientists, top state leaders, administrators in education and science, ministers who carry a part of him in their hearts.

KAFU Board of Guardians head, Dr. M. Christensen greeted the congress. He emphasized the role that a prominent scientist played for future leader E. Mambetkaziev`s formation. Also, he spoke about the role of Erezhep Mambetkaziev`s 30-year-work as a leader of two universities, and his work as the minister of education of young and independent Kazakhstan, and innovations initiated by him in education and science.

From the history of Beremzhanov Congresses. Head of the Combustion Institute, doctor of chemistry, member of the accademy Zulhair Mansurov talked about trends in nanotechnology development in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Beremzhanov International Chemical Technology and Chemistry Congress take place annually since 1996. The previous one was held in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in 2011, and was dedicated to B.Beremzhanovs 100th anniversary. At that congress the decision of 8th Beremzhanov International Congress holding at KAFU was made. The decision is motivated by the fact that doctor of chemistry, member of the National Academy of Science, leading expert in the field of electrical chemistry E. Mambetkaziev (KAFU President) is one of the scholars of the outstanding scientist.

Batyrbek A. Beremzhyanov is Kazakh prominent scientist, one of the founders of chemical education and science in Kazakhstan. He headed chemical department of Kazakhstan State University for 20 years. Doctor of chemistry, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Science of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic Batyrbek A. Beremzhyanov contributed to the development of inorganic chemistry. He wrote the first textbook on general chemistry in Kazakh, popularized science with the support of the “Znaniya” (“Knowledge”) society, has 10 patent in co-authorship, together with S. Omarov he elaborated the first Russian-Kazakh chemical dictionary.

As a result of B. Beremzhanov`s work the theory of physical and chemical continental salification. More than 100 of salt lakes. 15 rivers and their 39 channels were investigated, the processing of Karatau phosphorites was conducted. Great scientific school was created under scientist`s supervision, quantum-chemical methods of inorganic compositions research started to develop in Kazakhstan, more than 600 scientific works were published, 50 thesis were defended.

-                     Soviet scientific epoch is associated with the name of B. Beremzhanov – says president of “New Technologies Plus” company Fyodor Lobanov (Moscow). He spoke not only about chemical issues. He also raised such questions as: “Who are we now, people from the USSR? How should we collaborate after the disintegration of our country? Why our best people are going abroad and working for prosperity of other countries?

Difficult way to become a prominent Kazakh scientist, talented leader and teacher was taken up in the speech of doctor of chemistry, professor, honored scientist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kosylgan Kuzembaev. He told the audience about many life situations, illustrating the power of B.Beremzhanov and pleiad of great Kazakh scientists.

Candidate of chemistry, main engineer of the Laboratory for Safe handling with Anthropogenic Waste Products of High Technologies Institute, the son of the outstanding scientist Rusrem Beremzhanov took part at the Congress. He expressed his gratitude to KAFU for organization of the Congress and cited his farther, who said that the XIX century would be the century of chemistry.

During the panel of the Congress colleagues of the Kazakh chemistry coryphaeus, doctor of chemistry, professor, member of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, honored scientist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zeynulla Muldakhmetov and others made speeches.

Aims of the Congress:

- elaboration of new areas in development of fundamental researches and innovations in chemistry and chemical technologies;

- elaboration of effective mechanisms of development of relations between educational institutions of different range and enterprises;

- increase of chemical education quality, identification of new scientific, innovative and industrial approaches to the development of the country.

The resolution with the problems solving ways was adopted in the end of the Congress. 

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