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Kumarova Nazym


Kumarova Nazym

Kazakhstan-American Free University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

This summer the author had a chance to visit different companies in the states for the business immersion program.

First company we had a chance to experience was Pacific Continental Bank.

Company’s mission: to provide first-class financial and lending services to businesses, business owners and executives in the Pacific Northwest.

Company’s objectives: A commitment to excellence and a focus on building relationships ensures all their clients receive exceptional care. Moreover, they support their clients by sharing their collective knowledge of business finances and performing as trusted advisors. These factors make them the right bank for business.

Company’s values: At Pacific Continental, we support each other and our clients by building relationships, living our values and working with heart. We encourage employees to focus on three specific areas: performance, professionalism and passion. This focus inspires innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. We recognize employees and reward them for using a service strategy we refer to as "Working with HEART" (High Standards, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Appreciation, Relationships and Teamwork).

Individually and collectively, our employees create a corporate culture that we believe represents the single most important attribute that drives our success: commitment. We focus our commitment toward preserving the things that make our community and our workplace more productive. We offer our clients an individual commitment to excellence.

What is unique about this company – it’s product or it’s service?

Uniqueness of this bank is its size. I mean that the bank provides all kinds of services, but at the level of its state. Therefore, the bank works with each client personally and with full dedication. More uniqueness of this bank is a staff. All employees are very friendly and pleasant to talk to. They know their job and they are all well educated.

How is this the same as companies in Kazakhstan?

If we compare the U.S. banks with banks in Kazakhstan, we can find similarities. Because banks in Kazakhstan have adopted the U.S. banking system, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In our country there are also several levels leading banks. Also, all the banks, as in America, they are private. All clients in our country enjoy the same services as U.S. citizens in their banks. This is a huge step for our country, because we can learn from Western friends how to create innovations in business and gain experience.

How is this different from companies in Kazakhstan?

Kazakh banks are in developing stage. In America, banks are very well developed and constantly progressing. Of course, there are differences. For example, in customer service. U.S. banks are doing everything to satisfy customers need and then get the benefit in the form of money. But in our country, the main objective is to maximize profits, and therefore the client is in second place. In our country is not developed the culture of communication with consumers of banking services. Our banks should learn a lot from foreign banks. So I had training in America, because in the future I want to help our banks in the development.

My individual experience:

On July 8 th, 2010, I spent my afternoon at Pacific Continental Bank. I spent time with lending team, relationship bankers, and operation department in order to understand the different dimensions of banking.

We discussed effective methods of risk analysis, data mining, economic trends, and prospect building, as well as introducing the concept of niche banking. I also had the opportunity to view cutting edge technologies that are influencing Americans banks nationwide.

Second company that I had my internship at was Marshall Commercial Funding.

Company’s mission: To skillfully match borrowers with lenders.

Company’s objectives: Marshall Commercial Funding is an independent commercial mortgage brokerage firm dedicated to tailoring loans to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Company’s values: Expertise – We will optimize the rates and loan terms for the client’s specific needs by shopping the market and not focusing on one or two of our favorite lending sources.

Advocacy – We will proactively represent the client’s best interests to the lender.

Guidance – We will take the client through the loan process, not just hand them off to the lender.

Timeliness – We will facilitate the loan process so that loan closing occurs by a date that meets the borrower’s deadline.

Communication – We will keep the client informed on a regular basis throughout the loan process. Motto: Call the client before he calls you!

Integrity – as shown in the following ways:

We will not overstate the capabilities of a lender.

We will inform the client quickly of adverse developments.

Selflessness – as shown in the following ways:

We will focus on our client’s agenda and not our own, even if it is to our detriment.

If we are not able to “add value” to the transaction we will refer the client to someone who can.

What is unique about this company – it’s product or it’s service?

The uniqueness of this company is to help ordinary people in obtaining loans for houses. They are a brokerage firm that does a very good profit for a such small company. They also work at the level of its state. And the staff consists of only two people who are the partners to each other in the business.

How is this the same as companies in Kazakhstan?

In our country this kind of service is at the very beginning. It seems to me that this business is very promising and new for our country and people. We have almost no similar firms, but there is a brokerage firm in the departments of banks that help people in getting loans for houses. In the future this kind of services will be needed for our people.

How is this different from companies in Kazakhstan?

Comparing American business and the business of our country, we can see a lot of similarities, but most of all differences. Some types of services and businesses in some countries take root and some do not. Well it all depends on the mentality and the country's history. Brokerage firms are very popular in America, but cannot develop in our country. Because our people do not trust other people. Therefore, they prefer to do everything themselves, including apartment search. Business is built on the perception of people and newness of the services. It's all relative.

My individual experience:

I had opportunity to work on a real transaction, Fern wood Apartments located in Oregon City, Oregon, which started by inspecting the 110 unit property.

The borrower provided the historical operating statement and current rent roll. With this information I inputted the historical data into a three-page Preliminary Loan Analysis Excel spreadsheet. This analysis sized the proposed loan and estimated the sources and uses of funds at loan closing.

Third company for my international business experience was GISI (Graphic Information System, Inc).

Company’s mission: GISI’s name will be recognized as the standard bearer based on the people and services it delivers to all stakeholders.

Company’s objectives: We understand that leadership begins with serving.

We relentlessly work to understand our clients’ creative and practical needs.

We always act with truth telling and keep our commitments.

We are committed to helping each other not fail.

We know that working together as a team is imperative for meeting the challenge of providing excellent service.

Company’s values: At GISI, we believe our Values are the foundation for our success. Living the GISI Values describes who we are, what we stand for, and how we are going to do our work. They call out the best in each of us.

What is unique about this company – it’s product or it’s service?

We believe that leadership is about people and relationships.

We know that relationships grow out of trust, honor, respect and a deep sense of care.

We are a people growing company that respects the value of every associate’s contribution.

We are focused on each other’s success.

We resolve conflicts promptly and fairly.

GISI understands that the synergy of all associates creates a leadership organization.

How is this the same as companies in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is a graphic printing, but they are a monopoly company, because they are few. We have absolutely no competition, so the printers do not improve its quality. There is the same equipment as in the states, but people are not trained to work on it, so there is no better product. We should educate people and create more competition in the market.

How is this different from companies in Kazakhstan?

American printing houses work with the latest technology and computer use. They also have highly qualified staffs, who work with full dedication. They also have a lot of competitors, who do not give to relax, as well as encourage them to work with even greater enthusiasm. And we need innovation in the country for this type of service and business. We have a very promising country and every business will be successful.

My individual experience:

In this company, I spent one day but this day was very productive. We were shown the entire process of producing and printing paper. This company works with the latest technology of printing and is a rival firm in the market. We have introduced in the course of the company and were introduced to senior management. The owners of the company talked about their work and explained to us how to become a good leader and what qualities should be at the same time. Then we were introduced to the accounting department. Here we were taught how to properly maintain the financial balance of the company and work together. It is an unforgettable and exciting experience of a lifetime!

2010 year

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