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Matkarimov Rinat

Aspects of running business in the USA

Matkarimov RinatKazakh – American Free University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

I think that nowadays when world becomes more and more developed and in condition of developing business relationship law is becoming more required as it used to be, because this relationship needs legal protection and attachment, especially in fast growing countries like Kazakhstan. Because of very fast developing in economy, politics my country needs good lawyers, leaders and managers which efforts will be directed towards the prosperity of Kazakhstan at the international scene. I believe that my country can improve our legal system by using successful experiences of the United States. We can use best ideas and integrate them into our system, paying attention to national peculiarities.

In America I worked for different companies. I was one week in Brigham Exploration Company, then one day in McDonalds, Texas Taxpayers and Research Association, Despair and Amplifier, also I was one week in court house, there I saw several cases: civil and criminal.

Brigham Exploration Company: an independent exploration and production company that has been applying 3-D seismic imaging and other advanced technologies to systematically explore and develop onshore oil and natural gas provinces in the United States for over 15 years.  Brigham offers an entrepreneurial environment and was voted by its employees in 2004 as the 2nd Best Place to Work in Central Texas. There I received a lot of information about how they make their business. All employees told us what their job in this company, how they work. The relationship in this company is built on trusting each other. The model of business is built on encouraging their employees rather than punishing them.

McDonalds: I was there one day with a man that franchises McDonalds business. He told us that his father started this business and at the beginning they only had 2 stores. Now they have 19 stores and planning to open 5 more. Also I came to know that the McDonalds is a big Corporation that gives you right to run this business and have your own McDonalds, but you will pay rent and every 20 years for using name and recipes of McDonalds.

Texas Taxpayers and Research Association: that was new for me. They do research about taxes and then they present their clients before government. They ask from a government to make their taxes loyal for their clients. Their clients are big companies.

Despair and Amplifier: they make calendars with pictures and funny jokes at the bottom of the calendars.

I think I learned a lot of new things about American business. The most interesting and new thing was using 3-D seismic imaging by Oil and Gas Company Brigham Exploration. I think it is very new and useful technology that uses in Oil and Gas industry. It is good when you can predict whether there oil or no. This new thing can minimize your expenditures.

Also I learned that if you own land, you own not just the surface of it, you own everything below and above the land. It means that all minerals that below land is yours. That is different from Kazakhstan; here you own only surface of the land.

Every company treated me very good. They were very kind and hospitable. All employees and employers told me everything about their companies, answer my questions and showed some interesting processes of their business. Also everyday of work I had lunch with them in good restaurants.

If I own that business I think I wouldn’t change anything. From my point of view it is very good set business. I think the mechanism of their work is almost perfect. Of course there are some minuses, because business can’t be perfect, but these minuses are not so important.

Also I learned the importance of professional ethic, because lawyers in the USA pay great attention to this element of legal practice. I like the idea of social help to different sections of the population, for example, medical help to poor people and social welfare to seniors. I think this is a great example of servant leadership, because the organizations have values and mission statements and they really care about their clients.

From my experience I understand more the importance of being a good lawyer, because it includes not only professional skills, but also psychological and ethical aspects. This profession requires good communication skills and I learned how to interact with people, avoid conflicts and solve problems. I understand that representing clients in courts is quite hard and requires high level of grounding and preparation. Today a lot of people file lawsuits to rehabilitate their rights and a skilled lawyer can help them to win lawsuits.

I think that Kazakhstan can be one of the most development countries in the world, at least in the Euro-Asian region. Kazakhstan has future, but to be successful tomorrow means working hard today. That is why I want to be a good lawyer and develop Kazakhstan in this direction.

2008 year

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