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Medvedeva Tatyana


Medvedeva Tatyana

Kazakhstan-American Free University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

In the summer of 2010 the author had a privilege to be one of the participants of Summer Business Immersion Program. The internship had a place to be at a woman-owned small business incorporated in 2002 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Chasse Consulting Sales Strategies Inc. is a leading provider of sales solutions and services focused on sales performance improvement. International companies such as BEA, Adobe, IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems, and others have invested in Chasse’s unique tools and services to better prepare their sales organizations for new products, solutions, and acquisitions to improve overall sales performance.

Chasse is founded on the belief that the strategy and execution are what truly drives revenue growth and that tools and training are the “means” to get there. Their customers understand that without a clearly defined strategy and a true commitment to the execution and management processes, investments of time and money into training and tool development are wasted – a luxury no company has today. It is through a commitment to being a true partner with their customers, rather than a vendor, that Chasse Consulting has established credibility in the Sales Strategy industry and has shown their customers the results they were hired to deliver. Strategy first, sales tools and training next, and lastly, to execute each flawlessly will deliver results.

For the time being there are more than 63 companies rendering consulting services in Kazakhstan in the following spheres: management, business-planning, strategic development, marketing research, human resources, recruitment, public relations, ISO, information technologies, re-engineering and restructuring, branding etc.

The image of the Kazakhstani present day entrepreneur has changed fundamentally. Now they have a lot of positive features of well experienced businessmen thrifty and prescient. Due to a clear-sighted economic policy of RK President Nursultan Nazarbaev, there are a lot of new prospects for private business development. The business itself has become stronger enough; it is looking for new horizons and swiftly enlarged. There is a good inflow of new specialists in private companies’ management from graduates of Kazakhstan and international educational programs for MBA degree from American and European universities. The level of management starts to change that leads to changes in the attitude to the consulting services. The role of consultants and evaluation of consultant performance has been well determined.

Nevertheless there are still some problems. Our strength is big potential for business development in Kazakhstan, good experience in consulting, new technologies in business development and conducting, knowledge and will to learn, free funds of local investors. Our weakness is critical deficit in local well qualified experts in consulting companies, small experience of local businessmen in cooperation with consultants, weak information field about the services, not enough developed lobby of consultants’ interest and weak legislation on consulting and other intelligent services.

Blue are the hills that are far from us, but we have our own realities and need to survive in existing environment. Existing mentality of our entrepreneurs inherited from soviet epoch, Kazakhstan business environment and rules of conducting the business, not enough trained managers of middle structural unit of management – all that requires from out consultants a similar approach to understanding of this or that difficulties and advanced views for development of new successful solutions.

2010 year

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