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Nikonova Daria


Nikonova DariaKazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakh-American Free University

At Salon au Rouge, the author was taught the things that the salon owner, April Eastman, have learned through her time in business: creative marketing, location importance, employee choice, web site uses and retailing. I was able to easily grasp onto all things the salon owner presented. The author had learned a good amount of the business strategies throughout the visit.

At the Hasson Company Realtors, I learned so many things about being a real estate agent. While I was working there, I was able to work together with a client and develop a customized marketing plan for the sale of the client’s home. This included preparing client’s home for sale, pricing and marketing. With the help of the Hasson Company Realtors employees I was able to look at our property on the largest multiple listing services in the area. (RMSL). RMSL uploads to the largest real estate search web-site, realtor.com. I looked at the MLS listing with up to 16 pictures, detailed information about the home, a link to all property disclosures, the virtual tour and the floor plan. This ensures that anyone pulling up client’s listing will see comprehensive report of this home 24/7. I put the Hasson Company Realtors signs in client’s yard and other signs on the way to the client. With the help of another employees, I suggested what repairs should be done to make the home nicer and prepare this home for showing. I was also assisting staging for the house. While assisting with staging, I realized that staging isn’t that easy and has a lot to it. During my stay at this company, I had a chance to be present at one of the staff meetings where I was involved in the discussion of real estate situation in Portland region.

I stayed at Transnation Title Agency of Oregon for a day and learned from several people in their office who have different job titles. I was there learning about Title Insurance and Escrow. In Oregon they title all homes and close them in escrow, which is neutral third party in a real estate transaction. Their employees walked me through the home buying/selling process and told me about their daily work. They talked about why they have title insurance, why they close in escrow and how many people get loans to buy homes there. I also asked the office manager what their company’s goals and principals are. I learned a lot about the American way for home buying/selling.

I had a privilege to spend one day at the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) meeting in Portland, Oregon. As a Chapter there, they attempt to be a source on real estate market trends, financing issues and the many other rules and regulations that can affect their clients and their business. I went to the presentation at their July luncheon was about the economy for the State of Oregon and it was presented by Tom Potiowsky, Ph.D., Oregon State Economist. Tom has shared his thoughts and it was an informative and interesting look at their current and future economy. It really broadened my perspectives to American and world economy.

2009 year

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