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Petrisheva Alexandra


Petrisheva AlexandraKazakh-American Free University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

During the first week of my internship program I was in the beauty salon “Salon au Rouge”. This salon is very well-organized. The space is big and used very efficient. Before opening a big marketing research was conducted, which took into consideration all the expenses, design development. The design was developed specially for this salon in a French style and it’s interesting that design is very important for a client. Design is one of the main characteristics of a salon. It is on the same level of the importance with the skills of masters. The main advantage of the management is using iP and the Internet for scheduling clients in a salon. This allows running the salon without  a receptionist.

Then, I was in a few companies getting familiar the deals on property. If the client wants to refinance property or make a loan, he or she goes to the Mortgage or Commercial Broker Companies. They help to find the best property and loan for the client. Then they connect the independent appraiser to receive the appraising report for the property. After that they go to the Title Company and, probably, ESCRO, to find out the condition of the property – debts, legal or illegal, crime, etc. Then they send all the papers to the Bank they make a deal with. After the deal broker is a lender before the loan satisfied.

The next company for my internship was an independent appraising company “Metro Appraisal, Inc” with Traynor L.Daline. They do research for the property and compare the property with other that was sold. They find 3-4 houses that very similar in square, location, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, measuring, and some things that increase the selling price. Then based on comparison they determine the price.

Residential Brokers Company finds the best loan for residential property. Commercial Brokers Company finds the best loan for commercial property. I was at the Marshall Commercial Funding.

ESCRO is some buffer between the client and Title Company. They receive the information from the Title Company’s assistants and sent to their clients – brokers. Also they keep money from the client during the making of a deal. In the end of a deal they transfer money and pay all the bills.

The Title Company has many divisions. One of them take the information and convert it in electronic formats to make the work with information easier and to save a place. They has all the information about the history of property from the beginning the building of city to our days. Another division collects the information about changing in the ownership of property every day from counters. Then they had division to collect information for the ESCRO. Also, of course, they have Insurance Division and Title Policy Division. The insurance is not obligatory, but people prefer to by property with title insurance. This insurance confirms the property rights of owner. If the Title Company makes a mistake about the property rights they pay all the expenses and bills. Title policy division checks everything before making the insurance.

Then I was at Intel, Inc. It was a great experience on organizing the development of new technologies and managing huge amount of people.

The Last place for my internship was Joy’s Seafood Restaurant. It is a very special place, very good food and very delicious cuisine. The main idea of this restaurant is making the best service for their client. They have very well-organized kitchen and systems for arranging tables. This system shows all the tables, the time they reserved for, the name of a clients. This software makes database of all the clients and keep VIP-names. The main secret of this restaurant is fresh food. Every day they receive the food and in the end of a workday they don’t have any food leaved in refrigerators.

My internship was very exciting and useful for me. I am happy I had that great opportunity.

2008 year

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