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Lissovik Anastasia


Lissovik AnastasiaKazakh-American Free University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

This year I was one of the participants of leadership Academy. We started with leadership courses in September and ended with the wonderful trip to the United States of America and unforgettable experience. However it was one of the longest ways and one of the most important steps in my life; I have lived it fully with the open heart. The courses we took in KAFU University were taught by Daniel Ballast and were dedicated to studying one simple word “LEADER”. Nevertheless I was not in the know that this little word can contain so much meaning inside. Family, people, belief, respect, integrity, forgiveness, listening and it is even not the full list of values that we have studied and experienced. I couldn’t imagine that leadership is a part of everyone’s life and of mine as well. We have just never thought over it so deeply and sincerely. We are in desperate need of leaders. And one of the reasons is that people need someone to help that is equal to lead. It is especially true in respect of those people of whom I would love to speak.

We visited many amazing places and met fabulous people and leaders. They all have their own values and principles that are unique for each of them. GISI Marketing, Teeny foods, Spice shop, AKT Accounting Firm and many others are the organizations we have visited and admired. Each of them is a special place where people are served and helped. Leaders of these places are eager to help and have a great desire to learn and help others to learn more about the outside and inside world. All these organizations are connected with different spheres of life and interact with different stratums of society. Some of them work to help people to promote their products; others contribute to serving people with qualitative food, etc. However there were people and places whose desire is to help children from disadvantaged families to overcome their mental or physical disabilities. Firstly I would define who are the children from disadvantaged families: those who face special problems mental or physical, those who experience lack of money or economic support, who are hurt by close people, who are abused.

Healing Reins, Jubilee Range, J bar J are non-profit entities that have some similarities because they all help people with different problems. Thinking back about Healing Reins I wonder how all they have been doing is really workable, I mean how it impossible. “Healing with horses” sounds weird and odd, however, this is their mission in life. To provide children, adults, adolescents who experience special emotional, cognitive or physical needs with both mental and physical treatment. Furthermore the therapy with the help of horses was proved to be remarkably effective. Something extraordinary magical happens when people touch and exercise with horses. The questions I asked myself were: “How does it help children from disadvantaged families? How can little children trust this voluminous wild animal?” When I got answers to my curious questions from wonderful people who work there everything was as clear as crystal. People, who work there, do not just cure - they help both children and horses to build relationships between each other so they could work and exercise for the mutually beneficial result or purpose. When they have relationships they can trust each other; if they can trust they can have the most effective communication or treatment in our case. “Trust is a glue of life and the most essential ingredient in relationships” said Stephen R. Covey. Trust is one of the most important values in working with children especially it concerns children who were hurt one day. A leader that can make others trust him or her using goodness, respect and listening not power or influence is the best leader. Those workers who managed to do it for this reason are the true leaders for me. I don’t know how difficult it is but I feel like it is a great job that requires patience, love and faith. If you love working and helping these people and you believe in those children who suffer from paralysis or who were sexually abused or drug addicted, then it means it is your place and your life purpose. I am absolutely sure that it was not possible to serve without a community inside Healing Reins. There are many reasons why I think so. Firstly, they have a common goal. For instance each person in that community was eager to hold a saddle while a child was mounting a horse whereas, perhaps, it was not his or her responsibility at all. Why does it happen? It’s because together they are trying hard to reach the common goal. On top of that I noticed each worker had its own duty. There was no person who was doing nothing. Everyone was in the know what he or she had to do to contribute. What’s interesting is that they work hard with smiles in their faces with joy and happiness. The key is that it encourages children. Children are so sensitive they feel every of your emotions or feelings. When you smile you encourage, you give a sign that everything goes perfect. Healing Reins is an exclusive place where many of the leadership principles can be observed and analyzed. People there do the most beautiful things in the world. We cannot touch their love; we cannot touch the pain of those children. But the thing is that we can feel it in our hearts.

One of the most memorable moments from the trip was visiting a working ranch called J bar J. - a unique living, working and educational environment for young men aged 13-18, providing opportunities for personal growth, maturity and reformation. They started as a working ranch for boys and over the years and have been responding to the needs of the youth in the community. They believe in teaching kids how to take responsibility for their own thinking. They teach young people to be accountable for their actions and to recognize their thinking errors. Children from disadvantaged families or with the criminal past are equal in that place. The organization goal is to see the youth succeed as happy, healthy adults who contribute to their families and their community. Children live, eat, study, there they are not limited in anything despite of the fact that some of them had been jailed or had behaved badly in a family. Freedom and responsibility is the simple truth for children there. Perhaps if they hadn’t been in that place they would never be accepted by their families or friends and never changed their lives. Nevertheless, the leaders of this ranch accept them with all their past mistakes or problems. They give them a chance to live differently than in the past. Because giving education is a good step to do it and they are given it. Sometimes when someone does bad things family or close people don’t want to believe in changes of that person any more. That place is different and people there are different as well. “You have done something wrong in life, you have chosen a wrong direction - we can help you to change it” these are the words people say there. We had a chance to be volunteers in the ranch. We helped in the preparations of the horse racing. Thanks to that experience I realized serving is joy if you have a desire to serve. More important is who you want to serve.

I experienced so many things at once that it was formidable enough to come up with the answer to the questions like “Who am I in this world?” “What is my purpose?” However these organizations such as J bar J, Healing Reins, Jubilee Ranch and their leaders are great role models for me. They helped me to define the people who I want to help. Children from disadvantaged families suffer from disregard, disrespect, and pain. I believe that they should struggle alone without any support, encouragement and forgiveness. Leaders are those who are able to help the children to find their path in life. Being a leader is hard. We can easily hurt someone, sometimes involuntary, damage things or relationships. But only few of us can build it again or help someone to build it. Children from disadvantaged families are special and unique; they need to be lead by good sagacious leaders with the heart of gold and strong leadership principles.

2015 year

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