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Shmidt Svetlana

Learning about business technologies used in the United States of America

Shmidt SvetlanaKazakh–American Free University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

Business internship is very important for every student because it helps to define a direction in the future work. Students of Kazakh-American Free University have a great opportunity to see how American companies work, to get knowledge and skills, to compare Kazakhstan and American businesses through Business Internship Program in the USA.

My summer business internship program was in Austin, Texas. I had business experience in two big companies such as Brigham Exploration Company and NXP Semiconductors Company.

Brigham Exploration Company explores, develops and produces domestic onshore oil and natural gas reserves in the United States for over 15 years. This company uses advanced technology called “3−D seismic imaging” for exploration in order to maximize their return on invested capital by reducing drilling risk and enhancing ability to grow reserves and production volumes. Company’s exploration and development activities are concentrated in four provinces: the Onshore Gulf Coast, the Anadarko Basin, the Rocky Mountains and West Texas. I met employees from different department who explained us about: History of Oil and Gas, Geophysics / 3D Seismic, the exploration process, Oil and Gas Provinces in Kazakhstan, Federal and State Corporate Tax Policy and Requirements, Stock Trading – Security and Exchange Commission,  Interpretation and Prospect Generation, Engineering Wells (Drilling, Completion, and Production), Reserve Determination, Economic Analysis, Land & Legal, and Gas Marketing, Land & Legal, and Gas Marketing, Budget Modeling and Investor Relations. Also I did a lot comparative analyzes of American and Kazakhstan oil industry. I think this company offers an excellent benefits package what Kazakhstan companies should do. I saw entire working process of this company. I understood how different departments connect with each other, how they depend on each other. I learned a lot about Human Resources laws, procedures, and processes.

The second company was NXP Semiconductors Company. NXP Semiconductors is the leader in vibrant media technologies that help engineers and designers develop products that deliver better sensory experiences. They invest to extend Philips heritage as innovators in semiconductor solutions, from systems on a chip to single - function ICs and software. I observed human resources managing process. My mentor explained me process of hiring and firing employees. Also I had the opportunity to see how it works. We had interview with candidates for a job, we hired new employee, and we did firing process. Also she gave me some tasks. I like that HR Manager in this company didn’t have a lot of paper work, she did everything electronically. I learned basic principals of organizing this process.

I think this internship had a great impact on developing my professional skills. I have grasped a wider view on business world. As a result of this, I clearly can see the differences between Kazakhstan and American businesses. I strongly believe that business experience that I gained in the US, I would definitely implement in my future life.

2008 year



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